Local Contracts on NASPO ValuePoint™

UScellular™ IoT solutions are now available on the NASPO ValuePoint platform.

UScellular and NASPO are better together

Turnkey IoT smart solutions powered by UScellular’s reliable wireless network are now available to you on the NASPO ValuePoint platform. By leveraging the network of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), we aim to deliver the highest valued and competitively sourced contracts that offer your state and communities outstanding prices and connectivity on a reliable nationwide network.

NASPO ValuePoint Contract Details:

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Public Safety Systems

For every emergency in front of you, UScellular is behind you.

UScellular Critical Connectivity solutions give you priority services, push-to-talk, secure private networks and enhanced land mobile radio (LMR) interoperability that you can bundle with unlimited data plans, rugged devices and disaster response to keep your team better connected.

Fleet Management

Insights you need. Results you want. UScellular fleet management lets you connect vehicles, routes, assets and drivers so you can see the big picture from wherever you are. You are in control of assets from a single modern dashboard with real-time views of your driver, the vehicle and diagnostics. No more staring at dots on a map to manage your fleet.

Snow Removal

Make your winter operations more efficient with fleet management solutions.

UScellular helps you maximize your safety and productivity with increased visibility into plow trucks and snow removal equipment functions, and more efficient route planning. Power takeoff sensors (PTO) allow you to track vital fleet data including real-time vehicle locations as well as spreader and plow use.

Mobile Device Management

Make sure your data stays safe, no matter what. Empower your mobile workforce by putting information at their fingertips, while staying in control using tools to help you monitor, manage and secure your handsets and tablets. Mobile device management (MDM) lets you remotely lock or wipe lost equipment, create security policies and BYOD privacy settings, and enable content collaboration features like secure file sharing.

Additional UScellular solutions now available through NASPO ValuePoint

Field Service Management 

Service-based businesses face increasing competition, economic fluctuation and evolving expectations from customers who are demanding transparency, short arrival windows and accurate arrival times. That’s why UScellular offers tools to keep you competitive in this “new normal” world.

Learn more about Field Services

IoT Management

Stay connected and in control, monitoring and managing your assets with solutions such as Smart Farming powered by the UScellular network. We’re local to where you live and work, in both urban and rural areas.

Learn more about Smart Connectivity

Utilities Management

Our web-enabled solution uses remote sensors and water meter monitors to transmit information to your connected devices. Monitor tank levels, pressure stability and chemical / pH readings of lift stations, storage tanks and chemical infusion points — and make critical adjustments  to avoid potential problems.

Learn more about Smart Connectivity

Secure LAN Access on a Private Network

As more IoT business devices get connected, it’s crucial to create a defense shield against cyberattacks for the data you send and receive. A UScellular private network helps secure your data, assets and devices by routing all traffic through a dedicated tunnel to minimize vulnerability.

Learn more about Security

Energy Conservation Management

Monitor and control critical systems to make instant adjustments that enhance security and prevent potential problems. Remote sensors detect and relay information on temperature, humidity, lighting, open doors and windows, gases, voltage, and motion.

Learn more about Property Management

Enterprise Messaging

Quick, convenient communication is essential … but so is security. Get the benefit of instant one-on-one and group communications with features that help ensure confidentiality, compliance and efficiency.

Learn more about Productivity & Collaboration

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