Transform education by inspiring students and teachers with new learning experiences.  

Allow UScellular® to simplify collaboration between students and teachers, while keeping you connected safely. Bridge the digital divide and prepare your school system for the future of education.

Extend learning experiences to outside the classroom


As classrooms become more virtual and learning experiences extend beyond the blackboard, uncertainty and insecurity regarding the right education tools can affect the K-12 system. At UScellular®, we understand the holistic needs that come with the move to digital content and curriculum. We’re here to help you navigate these challenges and set up educators for success, all while maximizing the many funding resources available to you.

Higher Education

Providing flexible, uncompromised and undisrupted learning experiences while protecting productivity, security and agility both on and off campus requires a technology partner who understands your needs and tailors solutions to them. Leverage advance technology to create immersive experiences for students and bring the lessons to life. At UScellular, we take the time to learn about your unique strategic requirements, and expertly deploy your networks, cellular, IoT and more.

Connect with an Education Solutions Expert

E-Rate and Educational Funding

We offer in-house consultative expertise to help navigate the processes associated with educational funding and E-Rate programs. To help keep your students connected to education at all times, UScellular has dedicated, local teams of experts who know your community. They are ready to guide your schools and libraries to find the right solutions that offer you resources to be successful and are eligible for funding. 

Hybrid/Distance Learning

Empower your distance learning with the right collaboration tools so your students and teachers can stay connected and engaged virtually. We know that each school district has unique needs and challenges:  

  • large vs. small 
  • rural vs. urban 
  • budget considerations 
  • Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)  
  • other compliance requirements  

Whether you require mobile hotspots, tablets or other connected devices, we’ll work with you to design a distance learning solution that best suits your holistic needs.


As connected education continues to expand, providing students innovative and immersive environments to learning, your security becomes a growing priority. We can help you modernize your digital infrastructure and mitigate the risks posed by cybercriminals. Protect your schools, students and teachers through the right filters and safety measures suitable for the education sector. Through our partners, we can deliver advanced, secure, fully kitted and ready-to-deploy hardware, along with flexible data bundles providing CIPA-compliant web filters and mobile device management.


With school back in session, there is a heightened awareness around the physical safety of students, staff, school assets and the premises in order to promote safe learning environments. UScellular solutions tailored to the specific needs of schools and powered by our fast and reliable connectivity can help track and monitor assets, such as school buses, while sending the information to the interested parties–all in real time. Investing in and implementing tracking systems can promote safety, lead to better preparedness for different situations and keep the focus on education.

Wireless and Data Priority Services

Educators and school personnel need priority access to networks especially when an emergency adds to network congestion. With wireless data and voice priority, schools and other eligible government entities are pushed to the front of the line to get first access to high-speed internet, faster data transfer and possibly better call quality when they need it most. This can lead to faster sharing of information with both internal and external resources and allow for better decision making that may improve the outcome of a situation.

Advanced Solutions

Seamless connection to the internet allows students to focus on lessons instead of troubleshooting a dropped connection or missing a class because they had to drive to a coffee shop to use the free Wi-Fi. Growing demands of infrastructure modernization and better performance of hardware and apps require connectivity solutions that support them. UScellular private cellular network (PCN) solutions deliver security, reliability, control and low latency to protect critical data, and supply connectivity in areas where there is limited access to the internet. Our PCN solutions offer end-to-end control and cellular-grade security, isolating your data from public traffic and allowing only devices equipped with your SIM cards to connect. 

Talk to an expert about Private Network Solutions.


UScellular has dedicated, local experts who know your community and are ready to help connect your remote learning solutions. We work with you to easily deploy your solution and quickly connect to the network. With UScellular’s network, you can be confident you’ll have reliable internet access to support any of your remote learning activities for continued education. 

Learn how UScellular has been helping to bridge the digital divide among students.

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Navigating Educational Funding and the Expanded E-Rate Program

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