Business Solutions

UScellular® provides you the tools and support you need to successfully drive your organization. View our comprehensive solutions tailored for businesses and government agencies of all sizes.

By Segment

We tailor our solutions to the size and type of your organization, from small businesses to large government entities, creating the connectivity you need no matter where you work.

Small and Medium Business
From the city to the countryside, your local UScellular business solutions partner is committed to helping your business grow and keep your teams connected.

UScellular is advancing 5G with a combination of connectivity, speed and capacity that lets large corporations connect thousands of devices fast and reliably.

Public Sector
UScellular provides fast, reliable and secure solutions with no interruptions so you can keep your community running safely and smoothly.

Emerging Technologies
UScellular is investing in innovative solutions in emerging technologies to support your large-scale deployments.

By Industry

Our industry solutions are tailored to your unique needs to help keep you connected and growing.

By Need

We understand your organization's needs and support them through connectivity solutions aligned to your objectives.

Secure Your Business
Secure Your Business

Keep your organization’s data and property safe:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Secure Bandwidth Manager
  • Cameras and Motion Sensors
Enable Team Collaboration
Enable Team Collaboration

Help your team get more done with tools to safely access information and assets:

  • Cloud-Based Communications
  • Forms Automation
  • Enterprise Messaging
Managed Connected Fleets
Managed Connected Fleets

Get the insights you need to effectively manage your vehicles, drivers and assets:

  • Fleet Management
  • Compliance
  • Driver Safety
  • Route Optimization
Empower Remote Workforces
Empower Remote Workforces

Enable your employees to communicate and collaborate anywhere business takes them:

  • Hybrid Workforce Collaboration
  • Remote Workforce Internet
  • Unlimited Phone Plans
Deliver Healthcare Remotely
Deliver Healthcare Remotely

Use technologies and customized solutions to deliver a better healthcare experience:

  • Reach Patients in Rural Areas
  • Improve Health Outcomes
  • Enable Video Visits
  • Secure Patient Data
Connect Students Everywhere
Connect Students Everywhere

Bridge the digital divide and prepare your school system for the future of education:

  • Connected Devices and Hotspots
  • Educational Funding Support
  • Track and Monitor Assets