The Internet of Things (IoT) is Revolutionizing Business

UScellular provides a dedicated core, management platform and dependable network to simplify and accelerate IoT deployment.


UScellular Knows IoT

Ready-Made IoT Solutions

Learn ways that businesses use ready-made devices to deploy IoT solutions.

Custom IoT Deployments

Work with UScellular to customize your IoT solution.

Private Cellular Networks

Secure, reliable and controlled connectivity where you need it most

Device Certification

Certify your product on the UScellular IoT network for free, in as few as 35 days.

Device & Module Index

Discover if your device is currently certified on the UScellular network.

Globally, an estimated 127 new devices connect to the Internet every second. 93% of enterprises are believed to have adopted IoT technology.

Ready-Made IoT Solutions

UScellular solutions are ready to deploy, with fast and easy tools for every industry, including:

UScellular IoT solutions offer new ways to drive efficiencies, satisfy customers and go to market faster with leading-edge IoT-enabled devices.

Private LTE-M for Custom IoT Deployment

Custom IoT Deployments

UScellular innovative solutions support your large-scale deployments.

Private LTE-M
UScellular private LTE-M networks ensure the security of your critical IoT deployments.

LTE Cat-M Network
LTE-M provides low-latency and QoS assurance for organizations looking to connect critical devices or run edge applications.

Support “over-the-air” provisioning and automatic carrier switching to achieve IoT connectivity with one mobile network operator (MNO).

When others say no, we say yes.

Device Certification for Free, in as Few as 35 Days

Explore how UScellular can help you deploy new products quickly and scale to the next level with dedicated customer service backed by a nationwide dedicated IoT network.

Control and Optimize Your IoT Devices

It’s never been easier to manage your devices with ConnectHQ, a self-service portal from UScellular that’s powered by Nokia WING.

You can easily track usage, deploy devices, monitor alerts and make informed decisions that ultimately reduce costs.

IoT Solutions for Your Business

UScellular IoT solutions are backed by a nationwide, fast and reliable network that keeps your business connected. Count on our local experts to help you deploy solutions that are reliable, secure and scalable.

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