Asset Tracking Solutions

Eliminate unnecessary costs and protect critical assets with UScellular® Asset Tracking.

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Movement alerts can help you quickly locate stolen assets and identify off-hour use.


Reporting on asset utilization helps improve usage and reduce dormancy.


Real-time location information lets you see all your assets from a single pane of glass.

Save Time and Money with Asset Tracking

Searching for lost or stolen assets shouldn’t take time out of your busy day. Asset Tracking can help you locate, monitor and manage your assets remotely.

Regardless of your industry, asset tracking can be beneficial. Here’s how:

  • A law enforcement agency might want to track officers with a device that also has a ‘man down’ button
  • A waste disposal company might want to track their containers
  • A farmer may want to track his livestock. (Yes, we can do that!)

With asset tracking in place, you'll spend less time looking for misplaced or forgotten items and more time keeping your business and teams productive.

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Asset Tracking Benefits

Improve utilization with Asset Tracking 

Underutilized equipment wastes money. Right-size your fleet by deploying asset tracking, so you get the most return on investment.

Protect equipment and reduce theft

Multiple industries suffer from missing and stolen assets. Asset tracking provides real-time location and movement alerts that can help you prevent theft and locate lost equipment.​

Extend asset life and productivity​

Unexpected breakdowns can be costly and time consuming. Asset Tracking helps eliminate unexpected repair costs and downtime by scheduling proactive maintenance reminders based on hours or miles.

Ready to receive these benefits and more?

Asset Tracking Features

Asset tracking can optimize logistics by providing the location of equipment, people and animals, which can be critical to your overall success.

Our wide range of hardware options can meet your unique needs with feature like:

Rugged design​—Hardware maintains connectivity and operation in the harshest environments​

Long battery life​—Ensures peace of mind with field rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 years in trackers​ 

Integrationwith Fleet Management—Generates a map view of your fleet and assets for a holistic view of your operations​

Geofencing—Provides alerts should assets and devices move out of a defined area perhaps due to theft or misuse​

Tamper protection​—Generates text or email notifications if tracking devices are removed from assets ​

Reports when moved​—Provides alerts or reports with time of departure and time of arrival information for every asset​

Download the Asset Tracking Solution Overview to learn more.

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