Protect Your Business from Outages for as Low as $10/mo.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if your primary internet fails or is overwhelmed, your business won’t be disrupted, and failover internet costs won’t break your budget.

Failover Internet Advantages

Fast and Reliable

Keep your business connected by seamlessly switching to reliable wireless internet when wired connections fail.


Protect your budget by getting 1 GB of failover service for as low as $10/ mo.


Need more data in a billing cycle? Pay just $6/GB and no more than $90/mo. When that bill cycle ends, automatically revert to $10/mo.1

Our overage bills fluctuated wildly. But with UScellular Failover, our overall costs have been cut in half and we can budget appropriately due to the fixed rates UScellular provides.
— Ryan Martin, Director of IT, Dental Depot

Risk-free Failover that won’t break your budget

Too many businesses face the risk of large bills and overage fees when they use failover. That’s why UScellular is offering a flexible failover plan with built-in price protection. 

For $10/ mo, businesses get 1 GB of failover internet service. If more data is needed during a billing cycle, businesses pay $6/GB with the option to automatically switch at 14GB to Unlimited Failover for no more than $90/ mo.

Call 833-648-0905 to find the failover plan that works best for your organization. 

How Will You Use Risk-Free Failover Internet?


Protect revenue by continuing to deliver quick transactions and maintain visibility into your inventory.

Branch Office
Branch Office

Maintain employee productivity by staying connected to corporate resources and customers


Maintain 24/7 availability to systems and electronic health records for your private practice or small clinics

Job Sites
Job Sites

Protect access to your cloud-based project management software, images and plans with wireless failover on construction job sites —especially in rural locations where internet options may be limited and unreliable.


Switch to UScellular to save money every month and gain peace of mind.

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1. For optional Unlimited Data plan, pay just $6/GB and no more than $90/mo. When that bill cycle ends, automatically revert to original monthly charge. Subscribers using over 100GB data in a bill cycle may have speeds reduced to 2mbps.