Energy and Utilities

UScellular® is your local solutions partner for smart grid technologies, helping you control and connect critical assets.

Energy and utilities are the foundation of modern communities around the world—we all depend on the stability and reliability of their services. For energy and utility providers, communications is critical to stay ahead of a population boom or environmental disaster and keep communities connected. UScellular®, your local utility solutions partner, navigates the variety of smart grid technologies available and integrates intelligent solutions to meet your evolving demands.

Smart Utility Solutions

Private Cellular Network

Keep data safe on your own private cellular network, isolated from the public and customized for just your purposes. 5G PCNs provide advanced security, including data encryption and system controls to help prevent against cyberattacks.

Cellular failover enables devices to switch between multiple wireless carriers for greater redundancy and interoperability, while controlling costs. Consider PCNs if your utility service stations and sensors rely on secure, controllable connections.

Utilities Insights

Hear UScellular President & CEO Laurent “LT” Therivel discuss how financial drivers and technological growth have led to Private Cellular Networks for Utilities. Therivel was keynote speaker at the recent Utility Broadband Alliance Plugfest conference.

Mobility and Collaboration

UScellular 5G breaks through barriers to help you connect to your crews, whether they’re at a monitoring station or inside a concrete structure, in the office or in the field, UScellular has you covered with:

  • Mobile connectivity and IoT

  • Cloud-based communications

  • Automatic failover internet 

  • Push-to-talk messaging

  • Electronic forms

Automation, Monitoring and Control

When it comes to energy and utilities, downtime isn’t an option. Our web-enabled supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution uses remote sensors and smart meters to monitor and send vital information to your connected devices. Monitor the tank levels, pressure stability and chemical / pH readings of lift stations, storage tanks and chemical infusion points, or automate critical adjustments to avoid potential problems. No need to send a truck out when you can monitor and control data remotely.


It’s crucial to create a defense shield against property theft, and major cyberattacks for the data your devices send and receive. UScellular security solutions keep utility providers’ data and property safe with a variety of solutions, including:

  • Private network and threat monitoring to create a defense shield against major cyberattacks, protecting the data your devices send and receive. 

  • Mobile device management solutions to boost staff productivity and efficiency and protect your assets by remotely locking or wiping lost equipment.

  • Wireless cameras and sensors to keep your assets secure with security video and receive sensor alerts on your smart devices to monitor your surroundings in real time, so you’ll know in an instant when security has been breached. 

Property Management

Managing your property, fleet and assets means trying to manage situations that often are out of your control. You work hard to keep up, but each new vehicle, driver and delivery comes with its own paperwork, maintenance and compliance challenges. With UScellular fleet management for energy and utilities, you control assets from a single dashboard with real-time views of your driver, the vehicle, your asset and your stations. No more staring at dots on a map to manage your fleet.

Smart Water Meter Solutions

It’s never been easier and more affordable for utilities and municipalities to transform aging infrastructure by integrating smart water metering.

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Private Cellular Network (PCN)

PCN provides you the security, reliability, control and low latency you need to protect your valuable data in areas with limited connectivity.

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Explore how UScellular can help you deploy new products quickly and scale to the next level with dedicated customer service backed by a nationwide dedicated IoT network. 

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Monitor and manage your energy and utility assets with solutions powered by UScellular. Backed by a nationwide 5G network that provides an uninterrupted experience in both urban and rural areas, UScellular local business solution partners help you make strategic, operational, and cost-saving improvements by developing and implementing the latest smart grid technologies. Speak with your business solutions partner to develop a smart grid plan and build a blueprint for making an informed decision that reduces costs and streamlines operations.

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