Smart Connectivity

Stay connected and in control, monitoring and managing your assets with solutions powered by the U.S. Cellular® network, purposely built where you live and work, in both urban and rural areas.

Smart Farming

To protect your yield and profit, you can’t take your eyes off the most important parts of your farm. Manage everything from the office to the fields by monitoring equipment, soil moisture levels, livestock and assets in transit, tank storage conditions, and more on your mobile or desktop device, with tools that can keep you in control 24/7, wherever you go. Make critical adjustments that maximize your results.

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Public Safety

No matter how much other data traffic is crowding standard networks, your mission-critical information has to get through. Data priority for public safety pushes your data to the front of the crowd, maintaining the high quality of service you expect and preempting commercial traffic when necessary, to keep you connected where and when it matters most.

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Utilities Monitoring

When it comes to community water supplies and wastewater services, downtime isn’t an option. Our web-enabled supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution uses remote sensors and water-meter monitors to send vital information to your connected devices. Monitor the tank levels, pressure stability and chemical / pH readings of lift stations, storage tanks and chemical infusion points — and make critical adjustments  to avoid potential problems.

Property Management

You can’t let facility issues throw a wrench into your business. Using our property management solutions, you can monitor and control critical systems to make instant adjustments that enhance security and prevent potential problems. Remote sensors detect and relay information on temperature, humidity, lighting, open doors and windows, gases, voltage, and motion.


Whether you’re managing a handful of devices or thousands, insight and efficiency are vital. U.S. Cellular customers can manage all their Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices from one easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to track data usage, activate or suspend devices, and manage your account. Helpful reports and usage / activity alerts keep you moving toward your business goals.

U.S. Cellular partners with the best providers of smart connectivity solutions so your business can be its best.

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