Private Cellular Networks

Private Cellular Networks (PCNs) provide the security and control you need to protect your enterprise data.


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With proven cellular-grade security, the UScellular® PCN range of solutions isolates your data from public traffic, giving you control and flexibility over the services provided to your enterprise devices.


When it comes to Private Cellular Networks, one size does not fit all.

UScellular provides a range of solutions to meet your needs. Solutions ranging from Public/Private Hybrid Networks, MVNO models, Localized Data (aka CUPS) and Custom VPN approaches. Enterprise can grow their capabilities as their control and investment requirements grow.

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Private Networks for Utilities

Utilities looking to consolidate their legacy proprietary networks onto Private LTE recognize the benefits of the mature LTE ecosystem, and the benefits of scale that a Private LTE network provides.

Other benefits include:

  • Control over utility-specific use cases
  • Network longevity and independence from public cellular networks

Additionally, PCNs offer a more plug-and-play environment and greater control over critical operations, from people to machines to sensors to analytics.

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Private Networks for Industry 4.0

Industrial IoT and machine automation have created a need for private networks with low latency and enhanced security. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities are being retrofitted with advanced cellular technology. There are both indoor and outdoor coverage options as a complement or augment to existing Wi-Fi.

Common use cases in this space include:

  • Augmented or virtual reality for supply chain management and logistics
  • Box handling automation
  • Video and sensor analytics
  • Machine to machine learning
  • Autonomous robotics
  • Environmental sensor management

Unlike Wi-Fi, a 4G LTE or 5G enabled system can support these use cases offering data autonomy from the public network via a secure, private network.

UScellular and KPMG LLP Launch 5G Private Cellular Network at KPMG’s Chicago Ignition Center
UScellular and KPMG LLP Launch 5G Private Cellular Network at KPMG’s Chicago Ignition Center
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Private Networks for Education

From mobile devices to Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, digital technology offers richer learning opportunities for K-12 and higher education students. Data capacity issues have led schools to invest in their own private cellular networks.

Common use cases include:

  • Hybrid learning to eliminate the homework gap
  • Data management and CIPA compliance
  • Remote job search
  • Telehealth
  • Real time analytics

A PCN can ensure that students and faculty are securely and seamlessly connected both on and off campus. In addition, they can help narrow the homework gap and improve academic performance.

Private Cellular Network Solutions

Private Cellular Network solutions are backed by a nationwide, fast and reliable network that keeps your business connected. Count on our local experts to help you deploy solutions that are reliable, secure and scalable.

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