Public Safety

Critical Connectivity—First Responder Solutions by UScellular, built on our reliable, fast and locally grown wireless network.

We offer unparalleled support to your community because it’s our community too. Discover how your law enforcement, fire or EMS teams can benefit from Critical Connectivity.

Critical Connectivity Solutions

Explore how UScellular can always keep your teams connected—especially when communications are vital.


Your undisrupted communications is our priority. That’s why UScellular service starts with reliable, fast, nationwide coverage. Enjoy unlimited plans on a secure 5G network that uses lower band frequencies to avoid obstacles in your community such as buildings or dense woods. 5G, with better and faster coverage, enables essential applications and IoT connections, giving you control of—rather than reaction to—emergencies.


Count on data and voice priority and preemption (at no additional cost) to stay ahead of every emergency—natural or manmade. UScellular’s comprehensive national disaster recovery program ensures we’re your partner at all times. With our network, your vital communications are pushed to the front of the line, even when networks are congested. Experience:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: The high quality of service you depend on to do your job 
  • Improved Outcome: Priority over other data traffic to help you respond faster
  • Increased Efficiency: Preemption over non-critical data to help you make faster decisions

Learn more about UScellular’s Wireless and Data Priority Services

Critical Equipment

To make critical decisions, first responders need multi-functional, reliable and affordable communications devices. UScellular LMR interoperability connects with Push-to-Talk (PTT), expands radio range, and allows collaboration with any agency from any device, anywhere. Our ruggedized smartphones and connected devices were built for extreme conditions so you can count on them when it matters most.

Government Procurement Made Easy

UScellular’s partnership with government procurement services delivers the highest valued and reliable solutions. 

UScellular and NASPO Better Together 

UScellular turnkey IoT smart solutions are now available on the NASPO ValuePoint™ platform. 


HGAC's Cooperative Purchasing Program, known as HGACBuy, simplifies the government procurement process for participating members.


For every emergency in front of you, UScellular is behind you. First responders can count on a locally grown wireless network, advanced solutions to ensure you’re connected securely at all times, reliable communication and agency collaboration where and when you need it.

The UScellular 5G focus on first responders

5G provides the right speeds and low latency that allows data to flow in real time and in higher quality than ever before. UScellular 5G breaks through barriers to help you maintain situational awareness both inside and outdoors, so you have the information you need to power your best response.

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