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Your business is always changing, and so are your challenges. That’s why U.S. Cellular® offers flexible solutions that let you choose what you need right now and decide what you want to add later. So nothing stands in the way of your best service.

Choose your challenge to see your solution:

…Stay in control with fleet management.

Don’t let operational, fuel and maintenance expenses sneak up on you. Choose U.S. Cellular’s fleet management solution to reveal the hidden factors that can affect your bottom line.

  • Optimize routes for lower mileage
  • Identify and reduce inefficient driving habits
  • Keep vehicles running with reminders for regular maintenance
  • Reduce costly repairs by acting on engine warning light alerts

…Let’s eliminate it with mobile forms.

Stop losing signed documents, straining to read handwriting, and drowning in paper. Choose the mobile forms solution to help you eliminate the inefficiency, inaccuracy and burden of paper forms.

  • Simplify work orders, timesheets and more
  • Eliminate guesstimation by using in-form calculation
  • Collect e-signatures effortlessly
  • Time-stamp documents automatically

…Put your mind at ease with fleet management.

Make sure your drivers are safe and your budget is intact. All you need is a fleet management solution to reveal the places where you and your drivers can make improvements.

  • Get alerts for unsafe habits and distracted driving – like phone usage while the vehicle is in motion, hard braking and sudden acceleration
  • Empower drivers with scorecards that let them see and correct habits on their own
  • Get reports on the safety of your entire fleet

…Get there on time with fleet management.

Customers expect on-time arrival. And fleet management is the solution that gets you there. Evenly distribute work and optimize routes to deliver your best service.

  • Optimize routes for faster drive times
  • Locate the nearest service truck when new requests come in
  • Get GPS-enabled visibility on every driver
  • Plan more accurately using custom reporting options that analyze critical data like mileage, time spent on site, maintenance requests and more

…Eliminate the wait with Push-to-Talk messaging.

Stop waiting for return calls, and wondering if your message has been received. Choose Push-to-Talk messaging for instant, secure, cost-effective communication to and from the field.

  • Turn almost any smart device into a Push-to-Talk device
  • Communicate with the whole team via group messaging
  • Message securely with data encryption & dedicated servers

…Stay connected with cloud-based communications.

You can’t afford to be out of touch when you’re out of the office. Our cloud-based communications solution connects your devices so you and your employees are always reachable no matter where business takes you.

  • Route calls from your desk or to the appropriate person with automatic interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Display your business number when you return calls from your personal phone
  • Turn voice mails into e-mails to read messages anywhere
  • Send and receive faxes instantly and paperlessly with e-fax capabilities

…Prevent them with mobile device management.

If you’ve got devices in the field, you’ve got data that’s vulnerable. Ease your mind by selecting our mobile device management solution to help keep your business and customer data secure.

  • Make BYOD more practical with privacy settings that keep work separate
  • Lock or wipe instantly and remotely if a device is lost or stolen
  • Receive alerts when data security is threatened
  • Encrypt data for secure transfer & safe collaboration
Why U.S. Cellular for field service solutions?
It’s so easy. I just call our local rep and say, ‘Here’s our question — call my field supervisor with the answer,’ and he’ll do that. If he says he’s going to call back at a certain time, he does. Or he calls to tell me why if he can’t.
— President of Hasheider Roofing & Siding, Prairie Du Sac, WI

Not sure where to start?

U.S. Cellular’s field service solutions allow you to start with what you need now, and add what you want later. Find out how it works by downloading the white paper “Build your way to better: How flexible field service solutions empower today’s managers.”

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Have a question? We have answers.

What industries do you serve?

All of them. Because field service solutions are flexible, it’s almost always possible to customize a solution set that’s right for your company and your industry.

Can I customize a solution to meet my needs?

Yes. U.S. Cellular’s field service solutions are designed to be flexible. Get what you need now, and plan for what you want later.

Do these solutions integrate with other software?

Yes. Many of U.S. Cellular’s solutions integrate with popular business and field service software.

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes, we offer demos for several of our solutions. Contact us here to speak with a Business Solutions Expert who can schedule demos at your convenience, or answer your questions.

Are there commitments or contracts?

Contract requirements vary by partner. U.S. Cellular offers the flexibility to start small and add on later, so that your solution — and the contracts that go with it — fits your business perfectly.

Will I need training to get started?

We’re always here if you need us. While our solutions are easy to implement and even easier to use, you’ll have access to training and support from day one.

How secure will my data be?

U.S. Cellular only works with solution partners who take data security as seriously as we do. Our solutions provide secure, encrypted data transfer and storage.

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