Cloud-based Unified Communications

Stay in touch with customers virtually anywhere you do business.

You can’t make the sale if you don’t get the call. Cloud-based communications (also called Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS) lets you connect all your devices, so customers can reach you no matter where you are. It’s a system that can help you reduce IT costs while enabling your mobile workforce with tools that simplify communications, and it doesn’t require an in-house IT department to run.

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Let’s look at key features:

Video Conferencing

Real-time video with screen sharing and messaging for easy collaboration. Can work on any device and any platform.

Outbound Caller ID

Customize your outbound caller ID to display your business number even when calling customers from your personal phone.

Voice mail to Email

Turn your voice mails into e-mails that you can archive for reference or for easy search.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant IVR (Interactive Voice Response) answers and directs calls to the appropriate person on a desktop or mobile phone without a live operator.

Instant Communication

A click-to-communicate feature allows you to quickly and easily call customers from any connected device, and instant messaging provides secure one-on-one or group text chats.


Paperless inbound and outbound faxing for e-mail, mobile and browser with status updates.

Easy Integration

Can be integrated on existing VoIP phones and mobile devices via app. System also integrates with most CRM platforms, and allows for easy 4-digit dialing.

Remote Device Management

Upgrade, configure and troubleshoot desk phones remotely, without the need for an on-site IT team.

Training & Support

Upfront training, focused implementation support, and 24/7 live support.

Cloud-based communications can reduce costs and empower your workforce.

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The UScellular 5G™ cloud will have more than a silver lining

For cloud-based communications, 5G will mean more connectivity and reduced latency. UScellular 5G™ will break through barriers to do even more, delivering uninterrupted service that enables real-time video and empowers mobile workforces to get more work done from more places.

5G available in parts of IA and WI. UScellular does not guarantee coverage. Coverage may vary and be interrupted or limited. See coverage map for details.

Let’s take a closer look...

Crexendo Dashboard Screenshot

Business Dashboard

Cloud-based communications make admin tasks easier by displaying key metrics that spotlight how you communicate at a glance, so you can improve customer satisfaction and improve collaboration to get things done faster. Set real-time stats and reports for managers to analyze and for employees to self-evaluate. Dashboard views come standard on all systems, and scale effortlessly as your team grows.

Businesses adopting unified communications experience on average a 52% boost in workplace productivity and 45% improvement in business efficiency.*

*Eastern Management Group. “Unified Communications Productivity Analysis.” Sangoma, 2019.

Crexendo Vehicle Management Efficiency

Voicemail Efficiency

Access your voicemails anywhere, from any device, to make sure calls get returned quickly. Plus, turn your voicemails into transcripts delivered to your email inbox to save time, create an audit trail and improve accuracy. Multitask by talking to one customer as you catch up on messages from others. Save time and increase productivity.

93% of IT managers surveyed said VoIP and mobility features were crucial for small businesses.*

*Eastern Management Group. “Unified Communications Productivity Analysis.” Sangoma, 2019.

Crexendo Screenshot

Mobile Application

Seamlessly move calls between desk and mobile phones. With advanced call routing and FindMe / FollowMe control that allows users to receive calls at any location and at several numbers, you won’t miss a customer call again. The mobile app provides advanced features that give you full control over your communications.

You can save up to 55% and improve your productivity with unified communications.*

*Crexendo. “VoIP Phone System for Small Business.” 2020.

At a glance:

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Unified Communications to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Unified Communications to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency

Download this infographic to see how much cloud-based communications can do for your business.

A deeper dive:

Carthage, MO Modernizes Municipal Goverment Communications with Unified Communications as a Service

Modernizing Municipal Government Communications with Unified Communications as a Service

Read a case study on how one city streamlined operations and saved money with cloud-based communications.

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ROI in a year with cloud-based communications
The new system cuts our phone costs in half. It ends up paying for itself in the first year.
— IT Manager, City of Carthage, MO

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