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We’re building UScellular 5G™ with a combination of connectivity, speed and capacity that lets businesses and governments do more. Connect thousands of devices to unlock new insights. Collaborate like there are no screens. Accomplish more than you dreamed possible. We’ll show you how.


Respond with greater clarity

UScellular 5G will enable future technologies like augmented reality (AR) assisted visualization that helps you see through smoke and darkness. Our network will enable first responders to stay connected where other 5G may not — in rural locations, or through walls and rain. And behavioral analytics and other new advancements will help you predict actions more accurately.


Expand service capabilities

Answer questions instantly and deliver service more accurately — 5G’s faster download times and increased capacity will put product manuals, videos, blueprints and more at your fingertips. And it will enable augmented reality (AR) applications that let you see what you can’t see now — like wiring inside equipment and pipes under floors.


Educate from anywhere

5G will provide experiential learning opportunities that engage learners in new ways — where virtual reality (VR) turns an ordinary surface into a virtual, interactive adventure. More students will have faster access to internet-based educational content. And remote learning won’t feel remote when 5G allows interactive video conferencing with virtually no lag time.


Enable smarter cities

Cities will take on new functionality with 5G connectivity. Smart lighting saves energy by dimming when people and cars aren’t present; sensors indicate open parking spots; traffic data gets transmitted in real time for on-the-fly signal adjustment. And autonomous vehicles and maintenance drones could make life easier for all of us.


Improve patient care

UScellular 5G will enable telemedicine uninhibited by distance or lag time, so all patients can get quality care. Healthcare professionals can live-stream a post-surgery consult so patients don’t have to return to the hospital. And 5G can enable diagnoses aided by artificial intelligence, and training with augmented reality (AR) scenarios.

5G without obstacles. Without disruption.

UScellular is building a powerful new 5G network that will break through barriers. It will work in ways other networks do not. See what this will mean for public safety and organizations of all types and sizes.

UScellular 5G is different.

All 5G provides speeds way faster than today’s 4G LTE™ as well as tremendous capacity. But not all 5G is the same. UScellular’s 5G uses a spectrum that isn’t blocked by walls or barriers the way other carriers’ 5G can be. It removes limitations and provides an uninterrupted experience from outdoors to indoors, so that wherever you do business — from city streets to country roads, and from the front office to the shop floor — the signal is there to keep your organization moving. And UScellular’s 5G comes with the support of local business experts who can help you bring the technology to life.

Supports thousands of your connections

Increased speed

Expansive coverage

Reliable indoor / outdoor service

Won't keep you waiting

5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas.  See for details.


Modern workday collaboration deserves a phone this smart.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is built for today’s hybrid work environments. That’s why this new device was designed in collaboration with Microsoft with defense-grade security and the ultimate in 5G capabilities. Get ready to experience:

  • New ways to collaborate through an 8K camera / video, Director View capabilities and Wireless DeX.
  • Security that is on the moment you power-on with a secure processor to protect your data.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft, links to Windows and UWB for a new way to file share between devices.

UScellular 5G is business without limits

Download the UScellular 5G tech brief to learn more about how UScellular 5G works and what it can do for your organization.

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Building a better 5G from the ground up

We’re building UScellular 5G with a combination of connectivity, speed and capacity that lets businesses and governments do more. Connect with thousands of devices to unlock new insights. Accomplish more than you dreamed possible.

UScellular 5G — Built for business.

UScellular spent a lot of time listening to customers and studying the way organizations actually use their cellular service. We created a unique 5G to deliver what businesses and government organizations need to work smarter than ever before.