Keep Students Connected to Classrooms for Remote Learning

Reliable education solutions for distance learning require the right devices and a fast, reliable network. Kids and teachers can be connected to their classrooms wherever they are, even if they don't have regular access to the internet. Remote learning solutions also need to be affordable, so we offer special pricing for schools on unlimited mobile hotspots.1

Provide Connectivity to Keep Students E-learning

Virtual Classrooms

Live Teacher Feedback

Real-time Group Interaction

Receive and Send Homework

E-Rate Program Offerings

I will unequivocally say that UScellular™, by far, provided the best service for us because they delivered hundreds of hotspot devices, that were good to go right out of the box, literally overnight.
- Executive Director of North East Carolina Preparatory School

Mobile Hotspots Keep Classrooms Connected at a Rural North Carolina School

UScellular and Kajeet Deliver Secure Internet Access

Get fully kitted and ready-to-deploy hardware, along with flexible data bundles providing CIPA-compliant web filters and mobile device management. Together, UScellular and Kajeet deliver:

  • Device and Data Management: Connected devices are managed through a centralized console.
  • Data Aggregated at the Group, Account or Device Level: View data consumption in real time and adjust data usage allowance. 
  • Advanced Security: Customized website filters, firewalls, reporting and internet gateways enhance secure connectivity.
  • Insight into Data Usage: Administrators can read device usage, traffic, accounts and trend reporting in near real time.
  • A Single Invoice: Eliminate the burden of managing multiple vendors and invoices.

Educational Funding and E-Rate Program Offerings

We offer the experience and expertise of working with educational funding and E‑Rate programs to help keep your students connected to education at all times. Learn more about how we’ll partner with you to deliver solutions that support your connectivity needs.

Reliable Connectivity

Mobile Hotspots Provide Reliable Connectivity for Education

We offer mobile hotspots that can enable your remote learning solution and are powered by a nationwide network that works as well in the countryside as it does in the city. And they’re easy to deploy, allowing you to quickly connect to the network for reliable internet access and consistent and seamless access to remote learning activities.

Get Remote Learning Support

Get Hybrid Learning Support From Experts in Your Community

UScellular has dedicated, local teams of experts who know your community and are ready to help connect your distance learning solutions. We will work with you, so you can easily deploy your solution and quickly connect to the network. With UScellular’s network, you can be confident you’ll have reliable internet access to support any of your hybrid learning activities for continued education.

Distance Learning With a Customized Solution

Empower Your Distance Learning With a Customized Solution

We know that each school district has unique needs and challenges: large vs. small, rural vs. urban, budget considerations, and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and other compliance requirements. So, whether you need mobile hotspots or tablets, we’ll work with you to design a distance learning solution that best fits your needs.

CIPA Compliant Content Filtering

When it comes to remote learning, it’s not enough to just keep students focused. You have to keep them protected, too. CIPA content filtering can:

  • Help create a defense shield for children on the internet
  • Work on connected mobile devices including tablets, laptops and hotspots
  • Be implemented, managed and controlled quickly and easily

A Reliable Distance Learning Solution Requires a Reliable Network

UScellular remote learning solutions are backed by a nationwide, fast and reliable network that can keep your teachers and students connected. You can also rely on our team of local Business Solutions Experts for support and guidance. Be sure to ask about our special pricing for schools on unlimited mobile hotspots.1

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