Customer Engagement

Create powerful interactions throughout the customer journey. 

Creating Special Moments

UScellular® is excited to offer our business and government customers a robust customer engagement solution, powered by Infobip, that reliably and securely sends out relevant content, derived from customer interests and activities.

Engage with your employees and customers using multiple channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp and more to create interactions for any business scenario.

Create Powerful Interactions Throughout the Customer Journey

Send Bulk Messaging 

Easily create and deploy personalized campaigns with a simple visual interface.  

Engage Across Channels

Communicate seamlessly with customers on the channels they prefer.  

Construct Communication Workflows 

Segment and orchestrate customer journeys based on their behavior, with a drag-and-drop codeless interface.

Gain New Insights

Track and optimize the performance of your communication efforts with unified analytics.

Why Use a Customer Engagement Solution?

Using individualized content derived from customer interests and activities, businesses can build long-lasting relationships by sending fully tailored notifications, reminders, promotional content and more to their customers and employees.

For example, humans are exposed to up to 20,000 messages every day. This includes social media, news, advertising and conversations with other people.1​

With 90% of customers now demanding personalized service, new technologies are enabling channels-wide hyper-personalized service. By utilizing cutting-edge AI skills and real-time data, customization will only get more accurate, predictive and emotionally driven.2​

How Will You Use Customer Engagement?

  • Patient engagement
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Claims processing
  • Outage alerts
  • Meter reading
  • Payment reminders
State and Local Government
State and Local Government
  • Citizen engagement
  • Social services
  • Tax collection
  • Marketing engagement
  • Mobile shopping
  • Shipping notifications

Why Isn’t Your Business Sending Texts?

Research shows that customers engage quickly with texts, with 90% of consumers opening a text within three minutes of receiving it.3​ Despite the increase demand from consumers for communication via text, only one in three retailers currently use it as a marketing channel.​

64% of consumers want businesses to communicate via text message more often.​ Whereas 75% want to receive texts containing offers only from the brands they enjoy shopping with, according to VoiceSage.
98% Text messages have an average open rate of 98% and a response rate of 45%. ​This figure is much higher than email, which, according to Gartner, has an average open rate of 20% and a response rate of 6%.4

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Customer Engagement

Create powerful interactions throughout the customer journey with UScellular Customer Engagement.

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