POTS Replacement Solution

Replacing POTS lines can save as much as 50% on phone costs for your most critical services.

POTS (plain old telephone service) analog lines have been connecting critical lines such as fire alarms, safety phones and security gates for decades. Telecom providers are no longer under any obligation to maintain these outdated networks, most have plans to decommission POTS lines, and many carriers are raising prices—sometimes as much as 400%—to motivate customers to migrate off analog lines.

Now is the time to switch to a modern, efficient and more cost-effective alternative.

UScellular® offers a variety of affordable, easy to install solutions that help businesses cost-effectively modernize old POTS lines to wireless POTS internet—essentially 4G/5G wireless service, and delivers them via a fast, reliable network—even in rural areas where fiber options are limited.

Lower Costs

Enjoy 30%-50% savings with more reliable service than traditional POTS.


Built with the applicable guidelines of UL, NFPA 72 and ASME A17.1B in mind.


Get all hardware, data and phone service at one low monthly rate.

Local Support

Dedicated support from local teams makes switching quick and simple.


Fast, reliable network with 5G built for business, and coverage where fiber is limited.

Why It’s Time to Switch

Some businesses may wait for a sunset notice to make a change, but that choice could be costly. Consider these issues:

  • Increasing costs: Analog line costs are overinflated and soaring year over year​
  • Dependability: Aging infrastructure and breakdowns result in downtime with outages​
  • Service and repair: Workforce and supply shortages increase service times and costs
  • Liability: Noncompliance can result in fines and jeopardize the safety of employees and guests.

Rather than scrambling at the last minute, choose to proactively replace POTS lines and gain more than peace of mind in return.

Are You Still Using POTS on These Critical Systems?

It’s time to modernize before your analog lines are retired.




Security Gates

Door Access


Panic Buttons

Blue Light


Meter Reading / SCADA

Easy-to-Use Portal

Businesses can’t afford to have blind spots when failures occur on critical lines. UScellular POTS Line replacement solutions include an easy-to-use remote device management portal with real-time status, plus automatic SMS and email notifications, enabling more proactive control than ever before.


  • Can connect up to 4 FXS (analog) ports
  • Advanced telephony capabilities
  • LCD displays with signal strength
  • Multi-Path Transport
  • Easy self install on any wall or flat surface
  • WiFi, Ethernet, Failover, QOS
  • 8+ hour battery backup
  • Rugged, industrial design


UScellular offers industry-leading hardware for both small and enterprise applications:

  • CAT 4 to CAT 18
  • Up to 16 FXS (analog) ports
  • Advanced routing capabilities
  • 24 hour battery backup
  • Optional Wi-Fi, Failover, QOS

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See firsthand how UScellular POTS Replacement Solution can reduce costs and improve reliability on your critical lines.

UScellular POTS Replacement Solution Offers Lower Prices with Next-Generation Wireless Technology
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UScellular POTS Replacement Solution Offers Lower Prices with Next-Generation Wireless Technology

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