UScellular® Healthcare Solutions deliver patient-centric, faster and more convenient access to care--even in rural communities.

From inside a hospital or physician’s office to a remote location such as a patient’s home, UScellular® helps providers reach patients in rural areas with technologies and customized solutions to deliver a better healthcare experience.

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Explore the UScellular technology solutions designed to provide a user-friendly experience and improve patient health outcomes.


Mobile healthcare is constantly evolving and the preference of patients to receive care in their homes is increasing. Connecting to the internet is fundamental to the success of any telehealth solution. That’s why choosing a carrier with a reliable network is key, so that you can be confident patients are able to receive care without leaving home — even if they live in rural areas or don’t have access to the internet. As more and more healthcare organizations turn to telehealth, it’s important to remember the patient comes first. Trust a reliable remote healthcare solution like UScellular’s Telehealth to put the patient in the center to improve health outcomes. 

Internet of Medical Things and Asset Tracking


Deploy mobile-enabled sensors for moveable assets to make your healthcare operations run more efficiently. IoMT use cases include:


  • smart fridges for properly storing pharmaceuticals
  • sensors for hospital generators that monitor fuel levels 
  • trackers for hospital beds or any equipment for measuring blood pressure or bloodwork. 


Asset Tracking

Especially post-pandemic, hospitals are loaning beds and other equipment to patients to use in their homes so tracking your healthcare assets is key. Use a solution that saves you time and money by quickly locating assets and ensuring they are not misused. From a single dashboard, streamline operations with UScellular’s always-on GPS tracking, configure your own geo-location settings and get alerts any time an asset moves or leaves the hospital. 


We can help you protect sensitive patient data against cyberattacks and ensure compliance with CMS and HIPAA regulations. Streamline IT operations by pushing upgrades, apps and software to all your devices at once. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is designed to support hospitals and home health teams by securing patient data and helping with HIPAA compliance while enabling a reliable connection for telehealth video visits. 

Private Cellular Network

Keep sensitive patient data safe on your own private cellular network. PCNs provide advanced security, including data encryption and system controls to help prevent against cyberattacks. With proven cellular-grade security, the UScellular® PCN range of solutions isolates your data from public traffic, giving you control and flexibility over the services provided to your enterprise devices.

Common use cases include:

  • Telehealth
  • Environmental sensor management
  • Hospital asset tracking

More and more healthcare organizations are implementing PCNs because they offer a plug-and-play environment and greater control over critical operations, from people to machines to sensors to analytics.

Productivity & Collaboration

Provide staff with 5G-enabled tablets and mobile hotspots. Updated with technology that supports mobile forms, they cost-effectively simplify compliance with regulations and reduce logistical and technical demands on clients and caregivers. Mobile forms let staff document information like arrival and departure times and care details, as well as support electronic visit verification (EVV). The doForms healthcare-specific mobile solution provides a safe method for collecting patient data. Securely gather and share in-home patient intake data with the entire care team, including specialists and primary care physicians. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow users to easily access and share electronic healthcare data. This ensures compliance with local, federal, and state laws offering maximum redundancy and security.

Solutions to connect patients and improve care

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Business Handset Unlimited Data 3.0 Plans

UScellular unlimited plans are designed to deliver the connectivity your healthcare organization relies on at prices that give you more value for your money. With faster network speeds and very competitive pricing, UScellular’s unlimited data plans offer smart, flexible options for businesses of any size.

Every plan is Price Protected

Whatever plan you have or choose, you can rest assured we guarantee all UScellular rate plans are price protected whether you are a new or existing customer.1


For patients who require remote care, communication is key to improved health outcomes. That’s why connecting hospitals and physicians to patients depends heavily on the right kind of connectivity. 

Learn to make strategic, operational and cost-saving improvements with UScellular. We offer a holistic approach to patient care, and develop and implement the latest telecom technologies. Speak with a local UScellular business solutions expert to envision how care at a distance can be delivered efficiently and effectively. 

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