Get the peace of mind that comes from using UScellular™ security solutions to help keep your organization's data and property safe, virtually anywhere your business takes you.

Private Networks

As more Internet of Things (IoT) business devices get connected, it’s crucial to create a defense shield against major cyberattacks for the data your devices send and receive. A private network through UScellular gives you the cyber security tools to:

  • Help secure your organization’s data, assets, and devices by routing all traffic through a dedicated tunnel to minimize vulnerability
  • Operate securely even without device apps
  • Securely route traffic to a corporate firewall, the internet, and cloud servers simultaneously.

Secure Bandwidth Manager

The demand for fast and reliable mobile data use is always expanding, and business devices are no exception. A Secure Bandwidth Manager provides website filtering and throttling that allow you to:

  • Reduce data consumption and costly overages
  • Gain better visibility and control of data usage
  • Report more accurate mobile internet data use
  • Enforce your corporate internet use policy with mobile work teams to enhance productivity
  • Work with any device that can connect to a cellular network including, smartphones, tablets, routers and other IoT devices
Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Boost staff productivity and efficiency with MDM solutions. Remotely monitor, manage and secure data across all your mobile devices, whether you have a few or a few thousand. MDM protects your assets by remotely locking or wiping lost equipment and can configure multiple devices at once. UScellular offers a full portfolio of cost-effective, industry-leading MDM solutions to manage and protect your mobile workforce.

Security Camera Sensors

Business Security Solutions

Keep your assets secure with wireless cameras and sensors that eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming hard-wiring, and allow for easy repositioning. View security video and receive sensor alerts on your smart devices to monitor your surroundings in real time, so you’ll know in an instant when security has been breached or conditions have changed — without adding additional manpower.

UScellular partners with the best providers of security solutions so your organization can be its best.