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UScellular® Enterprise Solutions support big-picture business objectives for large corporations.


We’re building 5G with a combination of connectivity, speed and capacity that lets enterprises connect thousands of devices fast and reliably. Our new 5G unlimited data, talk and text nationwide business plans offer flexible options for large corporations. Choose from the latest smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots and accessories at prices you deserve—all powered by a network that was built to keep you connected without obstacles.

Unlock New Insights With Internet of Things (IoT)

We offer new ways to drive efficiencies, satisfy customers and go to market faster with IoT-enabled devices. Our Internet of Things (IoT) business solutions are backed by outstanding customer service and powered by a network that was built to keep you connected where you need it most, especially in rural areas.

Asset Tracking

Tracking your assets is easy with a solution that saves you time and money by quickly locating assets and ensuring they are not misused. From a single dashboard, streamline operations with always-on GPS tracking, configure your own geo-location settings and get alerts any time an asset moves from or leaves its assigned area.

Fleet management solutions to make better decisions

UScellular Fleet Management uses a single modern dashboard to provide you real-time access to insights and diagnostics. Connect vehicles, routes and drivers so you can see the big picture from wherever you are. Our comprehensive solutions help you reduce fuel and maintenance costs, increase productivity and driver safety, and track vehicles with GPS.


Iowa HVAC Company Boosts Productivity and Savings with Fleet Management

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Get data driven insights you need with UScellular fleet management solutions

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Keep Your Remote Workforce Connected and Productive

UScellular partners with the top providers of productivity and collaboration solutions to fuel your business. A new solution for the “new normal” of work, UScellular helps your employees stay connected whether they are working in the office, home or anywhere else.

Our Remote Workforce Solution offers collaboration, mobile internet and unlimited phone plans with flexible options for large organizations. These are supported by a reliable, nationwide network to ensure teams stay connected while working remotely. Our business customer support teams work with you to create custom solutions to fit the needs of your enterprise.


UScellular guides your digital transformation with custom solutions tailored to your industry, company size, budget and region. Our experts direct you through a portfolio of products and services that help scale your enterprise. From unlimited phone plans and data security to IoT and a connected remote workforce, UScellular business solutions help you achieve your enterprise goals.

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Security Solutions That Protect Your Enterprise

The stakes are high when it comes to protecting your business. Keep data safe on your own private network, isolated from the public and customized for just your purposes. 5G private networks provide advanced security features, including data encryption and system controls to help prevent against cyberattacks. 

Streamline IT operations by pushing upgrades, apps and software to all your devices at once. Mobile device management (MDM) makes it easy to manage, monitor and secure data. With UScellular’s Business Security Solutions, keep your assets secure with wireless cameras and sensors so you'll know in an instant if security is breached.

Diverse Group of Professionals Meeting in Modern Office: Brainstorming IT Programmers Use Computer Together, Talk Strategy, Discuss Planning. Software Engineers Develop Inspirational App Program

Protect your remote workforce from cyberattacks

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Boost efficiency by remotely managing all devices

Guide to Choosing an MDM Solution

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare

We help healthcare providers to accelerate their digital transformations and bridge the gap to offer services to patients even in rural areas. Some of our enterprise healthcare solutions include:

  • Mobile device management
  • Sensor monitoring for hospitals
  • Private network

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