Business Security Solutions

Business Security Cameras and Motion Sensors

Protect yourself from loss and unexpected downtime.

Security monitoring does more than provide peace of mind. It also helps protect your bottom line by alerting you to theft and potentially costly changes in environmental or equipment status. You can install wireless security motion sensors and cameras almost effortlessly, and because they’re wireless, there are no lines to be cut or tampered with. So you’ll get reliable, around-the-clock monitoring that can help you keep tabs on everything from everywhere you go.

Let’s look at key features:

No Hard-wiring

Easily mount and move cameras and sensors wherever and whenever your organization needs them.

Motion-triggered Cameras

Set cameras to activate on motion, sound or time-of-day triggers that capture the action at critical moments.

HD Footage

View crisp high-definition (HD) footage live, or at your convenience with data storage that archives video until you’re ready.

Remote Control

Check in and move or zoom your camera view from any connected device, from wherever you are, without distortion.

24/7 Alerts

Choose your thresholds and set alerts to ping your mobile device, and to trigger on-site alarms, if activity occurs outside your pre-set parameters.

60+ Sensor Types

Keep an eye, ear and nose on environmental conditions, equipment status and security in your facility with easy-to-mount sensors.

Mobile Monitoring

See camera views and receive automatic sensor alerts on any connected smart device, so you can keep an eye on things when you’re away.

Rugged Design

Don’t let weather or conditions limit where you mount your equipment. Instead, get hardware designed for outdoor and rough environments.

Training & Support

Stay up to speed with personalized training and ongoing support from specialists who know you and your organization.

USC 5G Logo

UScellular™ 5G will break through barriers to improve security

The increased bandwidth and speed of 5G will allow you to connect thousands of sensors and cameras to keep an eye on everything in real time. UScellular’s 5G network will make that experience seamless, delivering alerts and video to your 5G-enabled smart device, whether you’re on the road or in your building.

5G available in parts of IA and WI. UScellular does not guarantee coverage. Coverage may vary and be interrupted or limited. See coverage map for details.

Let’s take a closer look…

Camera Monitoring


Picture this: It’s the middle of the night and you’re away on a trip out of state, but you find yourself awake worrying about recent area break-ins. If you’ve got wireless cameras from UScellular mounted in your facility, you can make sure everything is OK right from your smart device, at any time of day or night. With options for indoor or outdoor use, built-in spotlights, night vision, auto-zoom and tracking, your eyes and ears can always be on your business, even when you’re not at your business.

There were 340,857 nonresidential burglaries in 2019. That’s equal to 933 burglaries every day.

FBI. “2019 Crime in the United States — Table 23.” 2019.

Security Sensor Monitoring


An unexpected electrical surge. A burst pipe. An empty storage tank. Every day, there are countless ways life could throw a potentially expensive wrench in your operations. Monitor all of it effortlessly with wireless sensors that sense trouble before you can see it, keeping your facility — and your bottom line — safe. From voltage and motion sensors to water, gas, solid and liquid level sensors, and everything in between, wireless sensors provide invaluable security.

14,000 people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency at home or work every day.* Sensors can let you know as soon as a leak occurs.

*Water Damage Defense. “Water Damage by the Numbers.”

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