UScellular® construction solutions provide you flexible, local options to help keep your projects safe, on schedule and on budget.

Construction companies face several challenges, including adopting new technology, finding and retaining staff, saving money and handling tough environments. Rely on UScellular®, with its flexible, tailored solutions and local experts, to help you meet your goals. We’re built for business.

Rugged Mobility

Jobsites are tough on technology and your equally tough team. But UScellular provides the most rugged mobility solutions to withstand extreme environments and keep your teams connected. 

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and Chromebooks 

Fleet and Asset Management

UScellular lets you control your assets through a single modern dashboard with real-time views of your drivers, vehicles, asset locations and diagnostics. UScellular’s comprehensive solution helps you:

  • Minimize fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improve driver safety and behaviors
  • Accurately verify timecards

Site Connectivity

Get your job site online and your crew connected with UScellular’s suite of easy-to-set-up mobile and fixed internet solutions.

  • Hotspot – a small, portable internet device that connects up to 15 devices while on the go
  • Fixed Wireless – the high-speed internet you’re used to but in rural areas where hardline connections are not always available
  • Failover/Backup – failsafe that instantly switches to the UScellular connection when your primary internet source fails

Productivity & Collaboration

UScellular 5G breaks through barriers to help you connect to your crews, whether they’re at a jobsite or inside a concrete structure, in the office or out in the field. UScellular has you covered with:

  • Cloud-based communications
  • Push-to-talk messaging
  • Electronic forms
  • Mobile device management 


Create a defense shield against property theft and cyberattacks. UScellular security solutions help keep construction company property and data safe with:

  • Wireless cameras 
  • Secure data and device management
  • Content filtering and cybersecurity
Fleet Management for Construction
Fleet Management for Construction

Learn how UScellular fleet management solutions with AI-powered cameras, GPS tracking and next-gen technology can help boost security, increase safety at the worksite, and combat rising fuel and maintenance costs. Plus gain real-time insight into equipment location, state of operation and remote engine diagnostics.

Reduce Theft and Recover Stolen Construction Equipment with GPS Tracking
Reduce Theft and Recover Stolen Construction Equipment with GPS Tracking

Often thefts aren’t noticed until someone needs to use certain equipment, and then it’s far too late. GPS tracking helps you deter theft and more quickly recover stolen assets by using real-time cloud-based software that tracks the location and movement of all your equipment.

Device Certification for Free, in as Few as 35 Days

Explore how UScellular can help you deploy new products quickly and scale to the next level with dedicated customer service backed by a nationwide dedicated IoT network.


Stay connected to your team, project deadlines and budget with solutions powered by UScellular. Backed by a nationwide 5G network that provides an uninterrupted experience in both urban and rural areas, UScellular local business solution partners help you make strategic, operational and cost-saving improvements by developing and implementing the latest ruggedized, connected and flexible business technologies. Speak with your local business solutions partner to build a tech blueprint for making an informed decision that reduces costs and streamlines operations.

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