Private Cellular Networks provide a secure and dedicated communication channel, with faster data speeds and lower latency to help you operate more efficiently.

Enhanced Security with Controlled Access

Private 5G is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its ability to offer customers enhanced control over network access and bandwidth utilization. Private 5G also provides: 

  • Network Segmentation: Isolates sensitive areas of the network, reduces risks of widespread cyberattacks, and confines any security breaches to a single segment.
  • Managed Data Security: Connect seamlessly across public and private 5G networks to maintain security and connectivity. This hybrid approach enables manufacturers with multiple locations to manage data securely, both on-site and while roaming between facilities.

Discover how Private 5G can revolutionize your operational efficiency and security.

Improved Reliability

Private cellular networks offer more consistent and dependable connectivity through:

  • Better Coverage: Private networks can be tailored to cover every corner of a manufacturing plant, including areas where traditional public networks might not reach, like indoor facilities with thick walls or remote outdoor areas.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure: Unlike public networks, private cellular networks are tailored to address the specific needs of the manufacturing facility to reduce the risk of network congestion and ensure more consistent performance. 
  • Real-time Data Processing: High-speed and low-latency communication enables real-time data analysis and processing, which is essential for predictive maintenance and quality control.

Faster Speed

  • Need for Speed: Robotics data doesn’t transfer as well on a Wi-Fi network, and because location and related real-time data is essential, systems benefit from private cellular technology, especially 5G.
  • Operating at Scale: Manufacturers using a private cellular network can enable a complicated variety of technologies in use at their facility. In fact, some companies might run as many as 18 wireless protocols on a single site—creating wireless traffic at the local level that a private network could better manage. Companies that have already adopted private 5G networks have reported increases in productivity. 

Greater Mobility

In your factory, where production lines buzz with mobile robots, cameras, sensors and a host of data-hungry devices, ensuring sufficient connectivity can be challenging. These diverse devices each require a stable connection with high bandwidth and low latency to perform reliably.

  • Agile: A reliable wireless network makes it easier to reconfigure workstations, enabling the floor to respond faster and more efficiently to product and plan changes. 
  • Futureproof: As manufacturing technologies evolve or production plans change, a scalable network infrastructure like a PCN ensures that the facility can easily adapt to new technologies and processes.
Meeting the Challenges of Industry 4.0 Begins with a Connection
Meeting the Challenges of Industry 4.0 Begins with a Connection

See how improved connectivity can automate the plant floor and drive the success of a smart manufacturing factory.

Connecting Industrial Automation with Private Cellular Networks
Connecting Industrial Automation with Private Cellular Networks

Private 5G offers manufacturers a secure, wireless communication channel with essential coverage, security, mobility and reliability, meeting today's demands for information and communication processing.


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