UScellular® Manufacturing Solutions help increase production efficiency by deploying Industrial IoT devices powered by 5G technology that supports automation.

Gain more visibility into your manufacturing ecosystem with UScellular® Manufacturing Solutions. The industry is rapidly adopting mobile technology to increase operational efficiency while facing challenges like supply chain disruptions, factory floor productivity slowdowns and transportation delays. Connect your operation with IoT sensors powered by a private cellular network to provide you ultimate control. Reduce downtime and on-time delivery while keeping costs low and customer satisfaction high.

Top Business Solutions

Explore the UScellular technology solutions designed to enable digital transformation for your manufacturing organization.

Industrial Internet of Things

Whether you are a CTO or a plant manager, keeping up with Industry 4.0 digital transformation initiatives can be daunting. With the emergence of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart factories, you want a partner that can help you embrace the power of 5G. Optimize the efficiency of your operations with environmental smart sensors, predictive maintenance and automation. Our Business Solutions Experts can help you reduce downtime by launching the latest IIoT initiatives for manufacturing facilities, supply chains and distribution channels. 

Private Cellular Networks for Industry 4.0

Industrial IoT and machine automation have created a need for private cellular networks with low latency, plus enhanced security, thruput and control. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities are being retrofitted with advanced cellular technology with indoor and outdoor coverage options to complement existing Wi-Fi.

Common use cases include:

  • Augmented or virtual reality for supply chain management and logistics
  • Box handling automation
  • Video and sensor analytics
  • Machine to machine learning
  • Autonomous robotics
  • Environmental sensor management

Unlike Wi-Fi, a 4G LTE or 5G-enabled system can offer data autonomy from the public network via a secure, private network.

The UScellular PCN team discussed advanced manufacturing and the future of the workforce in this recent TechEd podcast.


As manufacturers increasingly connect IIoT devices into their Operational Technology (OT) business ecosystem, it is crucial to protect the valuable data and analytics that are transmitted via smart sensors. Keep your plant and factory assets secure with our Business Security Solutions, including wireless cameras and sensors that eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming hard-wiring, and allow for easy repositioning. We can help you protect against cyberattacks and streamline IT operations by pushing upgrades, apps and software to all your devices at once. Mobile device management (MDM) remotely monitors, manages and secures data across all your mobile devices, whether you have a few or a few thousand. 

Productivity & Collaboration

In today’s hybrid work environment, and especially with challenges caused by the pandemic, manufacturers are seeking ways to help their teams work together and get more done. To work smarter, they need tools to safely access information. Employee safety is paramount and it’s essential to provide quick, convenient communications to help reduce the risk of workplace injuries. 

Keep your team connected, whether they are in the office, in R&D, on the plant floor or remote–even in rural areas. And if your primary internet fails, our failover solution provides a fast, reliable backup to seamlessly keep your team connected. 

Fleet Management

As manufacturers look to gain more visibility into their supply chains, vehicle tracking from the manufacturing plant to the customer becomes crucial. UScellular fleet management gives you control of your assets by employing these features: 

  • From a single modern dashboard, gain real-time views of your driver, the vehicle and diagnostics. 
  • Reduce fuel consumption and track CO2 emissions. 
  • Maintain driver safety with dash cameras and risk management reports. 
  • Optimize fleet productivity and keep up with supply chain demands by confirming arrival and departure times and identifying unauthorized stops. Monitor scheduled maintenance and engine/battery performance. 

Fleet management from UScellular is an easy-to-use solution that lets you connect vehicles, routes, assets and drivers so you can see the big picture from wherever you are.

Fleet Management solutions to make better decisions

UScellular Fleet Management uses a single modern dashboard to provide you real-time access to insights and diagnostics. Connect vehicles, routes and drivers so you can see the big picture from wherever you are. Our comprehensive solutions help you reduce fuel and maintenance costs, increase productivity and driver safety, and track vehicles with GPS.


Iowa HVAC Company Boosts Productivity and Savings with Fleet Management

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UScellular Fleet Management Solutions

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Business Handset Unlimited Data 3.0 Plans

UScellular unlimited data plans deliver the connectivity Industry 4.0 adoption relies on at prices that give you more value for your money. With faster network speeds and competitive pricing, these plans offer smart, flexible options for businesses of any size.

Every Plan is Price Protected

Whatever plan you have or choose, you can rest assured we guarantee all UScellular rate plans are price protected whether you are a new or current customer.1

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1. Price protection applies to the monthly recurring charge (MRC) for service plans existing as of May 6, 2022. MRC’s are price protected through at least December 31, 2024.


Communication is key to improved operational efficiency. That’s why connecting your employees and customers depends heavily on the right kind of connectivity. 

Learn to make strategic, operational and cost-saving improvements to your factory’s operations with UScellular. Improve efficiency in your manufacturing organization by implementing the latest telecom technologies to keep up with Industry 4.0. Speak with a local UScellular business solutions expert to envision how care at a distance can be delivered efficiently and effectively. 

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