Control and optimize your Internet of Things devices

It’s never been easier to manage your devices with ConnectHQ, a self-service portal from UScellular™ that’s powered by Nokia WING. This solution combines Nokia WING’s world-class ecosystem with an innovative platform to simplify deployments and unlock the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for your business.

From utility meters with remote sensors to farm equipment and fleet vehicles, you can easily track usage, deploy devices, monitor alerts and make informed decisions that ultimately reduce costs.

A single, easy-to-use dashboard lets you:

Manage, activate or suspend your suite of IoT devices

Monitor data usage and activity alerts in real time

Optimize costs by viewing billing history and right-sizing data plans

Create reports with a rich set of controls and reporting tools

Secure your remote devices against fraudulent misuse

Link your suite of IoT devices, small or large, from a single access point

Your IoT devices, all in one place.

The more your business gets connected, the more complex things can get. ConnectHQ helps you manage a large array of IoT devices by providing:

  • A single access point for you to manage business-critical IoT operations
  • A connected platform to keep track of your large fleet of IoT devices
  • Administration tools to configure IoT services, track usage, analyze trends and generate reports
  • Automation features that create alerts and rules to contain costs for your business

Protect your connectivity, and your bottom line.

Managing your connectivity is just one step when it comes to IoT devices. To help ensure your solutions are successful, ConnectHQ provides crucial management tools such as:

  • Security breach alerts for fraudulent device misuse and unauthorized third-party communications
  • Cost overage prevention with near-real-time usage monitoring to keep your business adhering to its policy
  • Scalability on a global level so you can work as needed
  • Abnormal device behavior detection with near-real-time monitoring that catches deviations from standard network operations
  • Reliable, bi-directional data delivery to help ensure persistent connectivity

ConnectHQ can maximize connectivity, protect your assets and optimize your investments, all backed by a fast, reliable nationwide network.

Learn more about how to implement ConnectHQ and manage an array of IoT solutions for fleet managementasset trackingpublic safetysmart cities and metering, and more.