Technology's Role In Improving Driver Safety

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Vehicle tracking helps drive any fleet forward

Vehicle tracking is a GPS-enabled feature of fleet management that delivers critical insights into every vehicle and driver, everywhere they go. Making even small adjustments can save you big money — like optimizing routes for fuel and mileage savings, or decreasing idling time. Only vehicle tracking gives you the details you need to get the results you want.
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Track your vehicles, increase your savings

20–25% reduction in fuel expenses*

20–30% reduction in vehicle idle time*

5–10% reduction in total miles*

*Frost & Sullivan. “Global Connected Truck Capabilities,” 2016.

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Get more done in less time

Every day brings unique challenges, but you have to keep your fleet moving no matter what. Vehicle tracking from U.S. Cellular® puts the power of GPS tracking, route optimization and proactive maintenance alerts to work for you, so you can save time, money and resources. Powered by the U.S. Cellular network, so you can stay connected wherever business takes you.

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Fleet managers report the top 3 benefits of vehicle tracking are improved productivity, improved dispatch efficiency and decreased fuel consumption.*
*Guinn, Justin. “Improve Service Provider Efficiency With GPS-Enabled Dispatch Software,” Software Advice, 2015.
Vehicle Tracking Improves Customer Service

Vehicle tracking improves customer service

Which vehicle is closest to the call that just came in? What time can your customer expect their service? Can you fit more stops into the schedule? Vehicle tracking can answer these questions and more. It’s real-time visibility powered by fleet vehicle tracker devices that communicate with a global satellite system and the U.S. Cellular network. So even if your vehicles — or you — are in a rural or remote area, fleet vehicle tracking delivers the insight you need to improve your customer service.

95% of companies that use vehicle tracking complete more work orders and improve punctuality.*
*Guinn, Justin. “Improve Service Provider Efficiency With GPS-Enabled Dispatch Software,” Software Advice, 2015.
Easy to Use

Easy to use, easy to manage

Your organization can’t afford to stop moving, so any new solution you choose has to make things better without throwing a wrench in the works. Vehicle tracking from U.S. Cellular can be implemented in a matter of days. And since trackers can be installed at your own pace and brought online one by one, you can carry on business as usual at all times. Plus, unlimited training and support are available whenever you need them.

98% of current vehicle tracking users say that it’s been beneficial to them.*
*GPS Insight. “2016–2017 Fleet Management Technology Report.”

Guaranteed installation to get vehicle tracking going

U.S. Cellular Installation and Support Services provide easy, end-to-end installation that’s guaranteed, meaning you get your fleet’s vehicle tracking technology up and running as soon as possible. You can count on the support of a dedicated team of experts on installation day, and every day after.

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Increased Productivity. Satisfied Customers.

Get data driven insights that reduce costs, improve efficiency and keep customers
satisfied with U.S. Cellular Fleet Management solutions.

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Discover everything fleet management can do for your business

Vehicle tracking is just one part of a fleet management solution that can help you reduce long-term maintenance costs, streamline dispatching and electronic logging, improve safety, and much more.

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