Critical Connectivity

UScellular Critical Connectivity solutions give you priority services, push-to-talk, secure private network and enhanced land mobile radio (LMR) interoperability that you can bundle with unlimited data plans, rugged devices and disaster response to keep your team better connected.

We offer unparalleled support to your community because it’s our community too. Discover how your law enforcement, fire or EMS teams can benefit from Critical Connectivity.

Download our new mission-critical guide to connectivity concerns among first responders.

Data Priority for First Responders

UScellular gives you peace of mind by pushing your data to the front of the line. It’s easy to use and can keep you connected even when networks are crowded with other traffic. Count on:

  • The quality of service you depend on to do your job
  • Priority over other data traffic
  • Preemption over non-critical data when necessary

Communicate with Any Agency from Any Device, Anywhere

With UScellular LMR interoperability, you can:

  • Connect with Push-to-Talk: An app on your smartphone or tablet connects to LMR systems.
  • Expand Radio Range: Leverage our cellular network to reach rural areas and personnel outside your LMR footprint.
  • Collaborate Across Agencies: Coordinate emergency response with neighboring departments—no matter what carrier they use.
  • Get Local Support: This affordable, turnkey service offers 24/7 support beyond installation.

The UScellular 5G focus on first responders

5G can allow surveillance video to be viewed in real time and in higher quality than ever before. UScellular 5G will break through barriers to help you maintain situational awareness inside and outside, so you have the information you need to power your best response.

5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map for details.

Rugged Devices as Tough as You 

To make critical  decisions, first responders need a single, multi-functional, reliable and affordable communications device that survives the toughest working conditions. But most consumer-grade devices can’t match the durability of your own hardworking team.

Our ruggedized smartphones and connected devices were built for extreme conditions so you can count on them when it matters most.

UScellular and NASPO Better Together

UScellular turnkey IoT smart solutions are now available on the NASPO ValuePoint™ platform. By leveraging the network of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), we aim to deliver the highest valued and competitively sourced contracts that offer your state and communities outstanding prices and connectivity on a reliable nationwide network.

Solutions designed for public safety professionals. What’s your challenge?

Heavy public network traffic?

Data Priority for First Responders
Push your mission-critical data to the front of the line when networks are crowded with other traffic. When necessary, lower-priority data can be temporarily reallocated or removed.

Wireless Priority Service
Queue your mission-critical voice communications first, so you can make calls during high-traffic events.

Connectivity over a large response area?

The UScellular network
Stay connected in the places you respond — not just in the city, but in the countryside and the suburbs in between. We put towers where others may not, so you can keep your emergency response teams connected.

Land Radio Mobile (LMR)
Our new LMR interoperability solution helps first responders, utility workers and other frontline teams collaborate with the push of a button, no matter where they are positioned.

Frequent device repairs?

Rugged devices
Get field-hardened laptops, Tablets and Smartphones that work as hard as you do. Built to handle weather, vibration, spills and drops.

Monthly data overages?

Unlimited data plans
Customize a first-responder plan that allows unlimited data usage for phones and all other devices.

Unprotected data?

Private network
Protect your critical communications from cybersecurity threats on your own dedicated private core network, to ensure you’re never connected to external networks.

Private static IP
Get highly resilient internet access from all of your mission-critical devices with private static IP services that help protect vulnerable data.

Can’t connect with teams using other radio systems?

LMR Interoperability
UScellular’s LMR interoperability solution enables you to communicate with teams using other radio systems in other departments or regions — no matter the distance. Connect almost any smartphone or tablet via LTE cellular network to radio frequencies used by emergency services for seamless interagency collaboration.

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Public Safety Solutions

Public Safety Solutions: Now with Data Priority for Emergency Response Teams

In this infographic, learn the basics of data priority, and why it matters during a high-traffic event.

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Get the connectivity that powers your response team’s every step

Get the connectivity that powers your response team’s every step

Learn how UScellular’s public safety solutions, network and 24/7 customer support are behind you through every stage of your response.

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Explore the future of 5G.

Learn how UScellular’s 5G network is removing limits and enabling new technology, on a network that’s built to keep you connected in the places you respond.

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