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Your ability to connect is critical to your team’s ability to save time and save lives. That’s why UScellular provides the data priority you need, plus the unparalleled combination of network reliability and 24/7 emergency support you require. So you can get reliable connectivity today, and take advantage of 5G advancements coming tomorrow. Discover how your law enforcement, fire or EMS team can benefit from our public safety solutions.

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Get a network that gives you peace of mind

Every day, police answer 145,000 calls — where anything can happen. If you lose communication with your team on one of those calls, every second of silence seems like an hour. Data Priority for First Responders helps you communicate without losing a second, despite heavy network traffic that could slow or stop regular data messages. And with the UScellular network behind you, you can reach your team in the places their responses take them. So your team knows you’ve got them covered around the clock and around your town.

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Connect no matter what you’re facing

Every year, you and over one million firefighters in the United States respond to the aftermath of hundreds of tornadoes, a handful of floods, and countless other emergencies. During events like these, heavy network traffic and infrastructure damage can make it harder to stay connected. With Data Priority for First Responders, your mission-critical data goes first, ahead of other network traffic. And our network can keep you connected in cases and places other carriers may not. So you and your team can weather any storm.

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Your patients count on connectivity

Every year, your team plays its part in answering 37 million emergency calls in the cities and rural areas of the United States. To provide quick and efficient care, you rely on the data delivered to and from smart devices, defibrillators, EKG monitors and more. Data Priority for First Responders puts your data first when lives are on the line, and our powerful network and privacy solutions help keep it all connected and secure every day. So your patients get the care and privacy they count on.

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Data Priority for First Responders puts emergency response teams first.

The Quality of Service You
Count on to Do Your Job
Priority Over
Other Data Traffic
Preemption Over Non-critical
Data When Necessary
Data Priority for First Responders

Watch this video to see how UScellular’s Data Priority for First Responders gives you peace-of-mind by pushing your data to the front of the line. It’s easy-to-use and can keep you connected even when networks are crowded with other traffic.

The UScellular 5G focus on first responders

5G can allow surveillance video to be viewed in real time and in higher quality than ever before. UScellular 5G will break through barriers to help you maintain situational awareness inside and outside, so you have the information you need to power your best response.


5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map for details.

Solutions designed for public safety professionals. What’s your challenge?

Heavy public network traffic?

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Data Priority for First Responders
Push your mission-critical data to the front of the line when networks are crowded with other traffic. When necessary, lower-priority data can be temporarily reallocated or removed.

Wireless Priority Service
Queue your mission-critical voice communications first, so you can make calls during high-traffic events.

Connectivity over a large response area?

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The UScellular network
Stay connected in the places you respond — not just in the city, but in the countryside and the suburbs in between. We put towers where others may not, so you can keep your emergency response teams connected.

Frequent device repairs?

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Rugged devices
Get field-hardened laptops, Tablets and Smartphones that work as hard as you do. Built to handle weather, vibration, spills and drops.

Monthly data overages?

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Unlimited data plans
Customize a first-responder plan that allows unlimited data usage for phones and all other devices.

Unprotected data?

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Private network
Protect your critical communications from cybersecurity threats on your own dedicated private core network, to ensure you’re never connected to external networks.

Private static IP
Get highly resilient internet access from all of your mission-critical devices with private static IP services that help protect vulnerable data.

Connecting devices in a vehicle?

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Mobile office
Turn your vehicle into a hub of Wi-Fi connectivity via one secure, reliable connection inside or near your vehicle.

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Did you know?
19.8 million LTE data connections were made during Milwaukee’s Summerfest.*
Data Priority for First Responders pushes your data to the front of the line.
*UScellular research
Did you know?
44% of local governments experience cyberattacks at least daily.*
Private networks for public safety can protect sensitive data.
*ICMA. “Cybersecurity 2016 Survey.” 2016.
Did you know?
Organizations can achieve ROI for rugged devices in one year.*
Rugged devices are designed to stand up to the jobs you do.
*Mainelli, Tom. “Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices.” IDC, 2016.
Did you know?
25 million Americans were affected by disasters in 2017.*
UScellular solutions can help you prepare, respond and aid recovery.
*Insurance Journal. “Disasters Affected 8% of U.S. Population in 2017, FEMA Notes in Review of Historic Year.” 2018.
Public Safety Solutions

Public Safety Solutions: Now with Data Priority for Emergency Response Teams >

In this infographic, learn the basics of data priority, and why it matters during a high-traffic event.

Get the connectivity that powers your response team’s every step

Get the connectivity that powers your response team’s every step >

Learn how UScellular’s public safety solutions, network and 24/7 customer support are behind you through every stage of your response.

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Explore the future of 5G.

Learn how UScellular’s 5G network is removing limits and enabling new technology, on a network that’s built to keep you connected in the places you respond.

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