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Fleet management from UScellular™ is an easy-to-use solution that lets you connect vehicles, routes, assets and drivers so you can see the big picture from wherever you are.

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Managing your fleet and mobile workforce means trying to manage situations that are out of your control. You work hard to keep up, but each new vehicle, driver and delivery comes with its own paperwork, maintenance and compliance challenges.

With UScellular fleet management, you are in control of assets from a single modern dashboard with real-time views of your driver, the vehicle and diagnostics. No more staring at dots on a map to manage your fleet.

Choose the Industry Leader

UScellular™ partners with the best in fleet management solutions, such as Geotab, so your organization can operate at its best.

Geotab was ranked the #1 commercial telematics vendor worldwide by ABI Research, placing first in innovation and implementation. Whether you have one vehicle or 1,000, we have the solutions to suit your needs.

Fleet Management Solutions


Monitor customer visits

Confirm arrival and departure times

Identify unauthorized stops

View true trip miles


Reduce engine damage

Detect battery drain

Identify and combat engine abuse

Track vehicle movement in zones

Prevent unauthorized device removal alerts

Schedule maintenance


In-vehicle driver coaching

Dash cameras

Collision notifications

Risk management reports

Rules and alerts for aggressive driving


Reduced fuel consumption

Trackable CO2 emissions

Fleet electrification

EV performance monitoring and reporting


Electronic logging (ELD)

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

IFTA Fuel tax reporting


Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Open APIs and Add-Ins

IOX Hardware Add-Ons

Custom Telematics Devices

OEM integrations

Boost Productivity With Fleet Management

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Fleet technology from UScellular helped a long-standing Iowa HVAC company improve communications with their drivers, boost productivity and more.

Webinar | Technology’s Role in Improving Driver Safety

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Driver safety is a top priority for fleet managers. Watch this free on demand webinar to learn how fleets are using telematics technology to improve safety and shape driver habits.

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Solutions to Make Better Decisions

Fleet management solutions are helping managers make better, more informed decisions and improving service for customers. Armed with near-real-time information on where drivers are, how they’re driving and how soon the next maintenance is due, fleet managers can reduce long-term maintenance costs, streamline dispatching and electronic logging, improve safety and much more.

UScellular’s comprehensive solution helps you:

  • Minimize fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improve driver safety and behaviors
  • Accurately verify timecards

Move Beyond Dots on a Map

Collecting weekly timecards and making dozens of phone calls a day just to locate your teams is a thing of the past, now that UScellular has joined forces with fleet management leader Geotab.

And now is the time to replace those older, ineffective systems that lack the cutting-edge capabilities and stringent security you demand. Switch to UScellular’s network with the smartest vehicle telematics on the market, end-to-end support, local technology expertise, and industry-leading solutions powered by our 5G nationwide network.

Fleet Management Solutions for Construction

Tackle rising fuel costs and decrease equipment theft. UScellular fleet management solutions use GPS tracking, in-vehicle cameras and other technology tailored toward construction companies to help you stay connected with your assets, increase safety and reduce costs.

Winter Solutions for Your Fleet

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you can’t raise your fleet’s efficiency. UScellular helps you maximize your safety and productivity with winter fleet solutions featuring power takeoff sensors (PTO), which allow you to track vital fleet data including real-time vehicle locations as well as spreader and plow use.

Technology to Help Keep Your Drivers Safe

Focus on keeping your drivers safe with fleet management technology. By following driver behavior through vehicle GPS tracking, multi-channel dash cameras and near-real-time alerts, you can improve driver safety, leading to a safer, more efficient fleet on the road.

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