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Move Beyond Dots on a Map

Modern Fleet Management extends beyond just knowing where your vehicles and assets are located. UScellular’s fleet solutions can monitor driver behavior, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and improve customer service. 

When combined with AI-enabled dash cameras and asset trackers, you gain additional benefits that can protect drivers, equipment, your reputation and the bottom line.

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Benefits of Modern Fleet Management

UScellular fleet management solutions can help you complete more jobs in less time and provide data driven insights that can help your business stay ahead of the competition. 

Reduce Fuel Costs 

Get a better understanding of driving events and engine issues that lead to extra fuel consumption.

Improve Customer Service

Determine the closest driver to a particular job and provide reliable ETA’s to customers eliminating back and forth 'where are you' calls. 

Increase Driver Safety 

Receive alerts for harsh braking, speeding, and distracted driving, sent via email, text, or dashboard. Built in maintenance tracking ensures your vehicles remain road ready. 

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We Offer The Best In Fleet Management

Our partnerships with industry-leading telematics, camera and asset tracking solution providers eliminate the need to explain your requirements to multiple vendors. You can count on our local experts to work with you to select the best solution to meet your unique challenges.

Local, Dedicated Support

You’re more than just a number. As a client, you'll have a dedicated account manager and multiple local points of contact available to help you. No more waiting in line at a store or being trapped on hold.

Nationwide Network

Our nationwide network and broad telematics partner portfolio ensure the best possible service levels for our customers. For the well-being of your fleet and drivers, put UScellular's fleet management solutions to work for you.

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“We’ve always had excellent service from our UScellular account managers. In 14 years, we’ve never had a complaint.”

Lea Ann Berry
Emco Termite & Pest Control of Tulsa, Inc.

“I’ve worked with other carriers, but what differentiates UScellular is its customer service and the ability to help me get something done quickly. They don’t make me jump through 100,000 hoops or send me to voicemail or ignore me.”

Nathan Gilmore
IT Director, Dubuque County, Iowa

“There have been a number of companies that have tried to approach us with comparable service, but no one has been able to match the quality of UScellular’s coverage.”

Brian Mangan
IT Manager, Dave Jones Inc.
Level Up Your Security With GPS Asset Tracking
Level Up Your Security With GPS Asset Tracking

Often thefts aren’t noticed until someone needs to use certain equipment, and then it’s far too late. GPS tracking helps you deter theft and more quickly recover stolen assets by using real-time cloud-based software that tracks the location and movement of all your equipment.

Protect Your Business With AI Dash Cameras
Protect Your Business With AI Dash Cameras

AI-powered cameras that use in-cabin voice coaching to increase driver safety improve their behavior and connect fleet managers with their teams. Make sure your brand, drivers, and assets are protected to ensure your business succeeds.

Fleet Management Solutions for Construction
Fleet Management Solutions for Construction

Tackle rising fuel costs and decrease equipment theft. UScellular fleet management solutions use GPS tracking, in-vehicle cameras and other technology tailored toward construction companies to help you stay connected with your assets, increase safety and reduce costs.

Winter Solutions for Your Fleet
Winter Solutions for Your Fleet

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you can’t raise your fleet’s efficiency. UScellular helps you maximize your safety and productivity with winter fleet solutions featuring power takeoff sensors (PTO), which allow you to track vital fleet data including real-time vehicle locations as well as spreader and plow use.

Telematic Solutions for Public Safety

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UScellular telematic solutions modernize your public safety fleet with remote diagnostics, AI-enabled cameras, EV support, expandability and security that you can bundle with unlimited data plans, rugged devices and disaster response to keep your team better connected.

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