Fleet Management

Get the fleet-related insight you need to increase profits.

Idling time, irregular maintenance schedules and inefficient routing can all cost you money. Fleet management from U.S. Cellular is an easy-to-use IoT solution that can give you the tools to see exactly where your vehicles are in real time — and the insight to see how you can add back to your bottom line.

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Let’s look at key features:

Vehicle Tracking

Monitor fleet activity with GPS-powered tracking that shows location and activity. Receive updates and alerts for arrivals, speed and more

Vehicle Diagnostics

Get text alerts when a warning light comes on or mileage is reached, and set preventative maintenance schedules to extend vehicle life.

Route Optimization

See where all your vehicles are and what they’re doing with GPS tracking that allows you to dispatch and route more efficiently.

Driver Education Tools

Empower your drivers with analytics and reporting that allow them to self-correct driving behaviors, and let you reward efficient driving tactics.


Log hours of service (HOS) instantly and accurately for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance with electronic logbooks.

Dashboard Cameras

Detect significant events to maximize safety with add-on dashboard and vehicle cams.

Temperature Monitoring

Stream temperature data from food and beverage trailers with add-on sensors to help ensure legal compliance.

Training & Support

Get personalized training that brings you up to speed without any headaches, and ongoing support from specialists who know you and your business.

Roadside Assistance

Count on 24/7 roadside assistance for towing, flat tires, emergency fuel and more.

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Let’s take a closer look...

Maintenance Reminders

Oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks. Automatically keep track of all required maintenance on every vehicle. Set to track by days, engine hours or mileage, and receive mobile reminders and alerts when maintenance is due. Email and / or text alerts can be set to go out to anyone you choose so that you can stay on schedule and avoid costly repairs.

You can extend the life span of a medium-duty truck by up to 120,000 miles using a fleet management system.*
*GPS TrackIt. "ROI Calculator for GPS Tracking." https://gpstrackit.com/roi/roi-calculator/

Automated Reporting

Mileage summaries, idle time reports, side-by-side trip comparisons. Whether there are multiple people in your organization who analyze metrics, or it’s just you … vehicle tracking software makes it easy to get all the data you need, presented in easy-to-understand graphs that make answers jump out at you. Choose from a dashboard of options, and set your reports to automatically deploy to everyone who needs access.

Automated reports can help you identify and reduce idle time by up to 38%.*
*GPS TrackIt. "ROI Calculator for GPS Tracking." https://gpstrackit.com/roi/roi-calculator/

Driver Scorecards

Increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption, and safety: These are three of the ways driver scorecards can make a big difference. They give your employees automatic feedback that empowers them to increase efficient driving tactics while alerting them to behaviors like speeding, hard braking and idling. You can also produce reports in order to create incentive programs for improved scorecards.

When drivers get instant feedback, their risk of being involved in an accident goes down by 1/3.*
*GPS TrackIt. "ROI Calculator for GPS Tracking." https://gpstrackit.com/roi/roi-calculator/

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Get a look at what fleet management looks like for your small to mid-sized business, or for specific applications like school bus tracking, snow plow management, or government operations.

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