Mobile Device Management

Make sure your data stays safe, no matter what.

Your employees need to be able to access information anywhere, which means your sensitive data is travelling with them everywhere. Mobile device management (MDM) allows your staff to be productive and efficient while you monitor, manage and secure your data across all your mobile devices, whether you’ve got only a handful or you need an enterprise solution.

Let’s look at key features:

Remote Locking and Wiping

Locate lost or stolen devices and remotely buzz, lock or wipe them when necessary. Corporate data can be selectively wiped, preserving personal data.

Security Policies

Create and enforce security policies for compliance and data privacy, and push to all devices and users.

Data Encryption

Securely transfer data and documents over the network or between devices for safer collaboration anywhere.

Security Alerts

Receive a text alert when malware, hacking or illicit data transfers threaten data security, and neutralize the situation automatically.

BYOD Privacy Settings

Keep work and personal content in separate containers for employee privacy and data security.

Metrics Dashboards

Get a real-time interactive view of your entire mobile environment and your security status.

Content Collaboration

Allow secure file sharing, editing and saving to shared folders, as well as secure transfer of emails, apps and docs.

Productivity Features

Troubleshoot remotely, manage device life cycles for smooth upgrades, and push apps and software centrally from an interactive catalog.


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Getting started with mobile device management

Secure Company Information on Employee Devices: A Guide to Choosing an MDM Solution >

Download this white paper to learn more about what MDM can do for you, how to choose the right solution, and how to make implementation easy.

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How will UScellular 5G™ impact mobile device management?

The reduced latency and increased capacity of 5G will allow huge volumes of data to be transferred to smart devices. UScellular’s 5G network will break through barriers, so you can remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen device from the places work takes you — whether you’re inside or outside.

5G available in parts of IA and WI. UScellular does not guarantee coverage. Coverage may vary and be interrupted or limited. See coverage map for details.

Let’s take a closer look...

Streamline IT Support

Streamlined IT Support

Manage all of your mobile devices quickly and easily from a single console with a menu of options. Keep your organization moving forward by controlling devices and pushing or pulling data to employees in the field. A single solution works for all devices and all operating systems, further lowering your IT costs.

  • Remotely access device views
  • Reset forgotten passcodes
  • Buzz or wipe lost devices
  • Send messages
  • Update settings

21% of companies have had a mobile security breach.*

*Hamblen, Matt. “One-fifth of IT pros say their company had mobile data breach.” Computer World, 2016.

MDM Dashboard

Detailed Dashboard

Control your entire mobile IT environment with complete, real-time visibility into the status of every device, including Internet of Things (IoT) equipment. See exactly where your vulnerabilities are and deploy improvements. Keep an eye on personal and corporate hardware, as well as network status.

  • Security state: Evaluate which devices are the most critical
  • Vulnerability: See what areas need to be updated
  • New devices by month: Keep tabs on enrollment
  • Platform and devices: Manage the IT environment

95% of executives plan to launch an IoT initiative in the near future.*

*Columbus, Louis. “73% Are Using Internet of Things Data to Improve Their Business.” Forbes Magazine, June 30, 2017.

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BYOD Privacy Settings

Allow employees’ use of personal devices and protect privacy at the same time, by customizing settings on single devices or across all devices so that select information is not made visible. Personal information managers (PIMs) also keep work and personal data separate for complete employee privacy.

87% of companies rely on employee access to business apps on their personal devices.*

*Systonic. "2016 Employee Report: BYOD Usage in the Enterprise."

At a glance:

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management infographic

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management >

Learn how MDM can do more for your organization than you might have guessed.

A deeper dive:

Wisconsin School District Gives Mobile Device Management Top Marks testimonial

Wisconsin School District Gives Mobile Device Management Top Marks >

This case study takes a closer look at the MDM process — including planning, implementation and results.

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MDM provides peace of mind and security.
We’ve had zero phones be unrecoverable. It’s doing its job.
— Systems Administrator, School District of Janesville, Wisconsin

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