Fleet Management for Construction

Construction companies are looking to combat mounting fuel costs, operator distractions and equipment theft. UScellular fleet management can help you boost security, increase worksite safety, and lower fuel and maintenance costs. Plus gain real-time insight into equipment location, state of operation and remote engine diagnostics.

Fleet and Asset Monitoring Solutions on the UScellular® network deliver:


to avoid accidents and reduce ancillary costs


to quicky locate your assets and increase productivity

Cost Reduction

to lower controllable operational expenses
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Fight Rising Fuel Costs with Construction Fleet Management

It’s no secret that fuel is increasingly expensive. Fuel can account for more than a third of your operating budget, so it’s vital to reduce costs by cutting idling times, better predicting fuel consumption and improving driver behavior. Are you doing everything you can to reduce fuel costs? Find out now by downloading this checklist.

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Quickly Recover Lost or Stolen Equipment

Hundreds of millions of dollars in construction equipment is stolen each year but less than a quarter of it is recovered. The cost becomes greater when you factor in loss of productivity, the price to rent or purchase replacement equipment and time spent embroiled in paperwork. An accurate GPS location not only eliminates guesswork regarding a lost asset's location, but in the case of theft can be used to share with authorities the location of stolen equipment before thieves can destroy it. If a tracked asset leaves a certain geofence perimeter, you instantly receive an alert.

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Improve Driver Safety

Poor driving practices such as speeding, harsh turning and breaking can lead to higher maintenance costs, wasted fuel and possibly even accidents. UScellular fleet management solutions for construction alert managers when unsafe driving occurs. Driver scorecards can also be used to improve employee training and motivate safe driving so that employees make better choices. Finally, our dual-facing dash cameras collect evidence that can be used to exonerate drivers in the event of an accident.

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Quickly Locate Vehicles and Assets

With our Fleet Management solutions, you can track from anywhere the location of your vehicles, assets and all the equipment on a jobsite. This will help you make faster, more informed decisions regarding asset appropriation. Additionally, you can track utilization, allowing you to more easily right size your fleet.

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Extend Vehicle Life and Reduce Breakdowns

Don’t rely on operators to remember to let you know when maintenance is needed. With GPS technology, you can schedule maintenance alerts that help you avoid unexpected equipment failures and extend the life of your vehicles and equipment.

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Improve Customer Service and Driver Retention

Safeguard your reputation and reduce the number of customer service issues. Use GPS tracking to verify your team’s arrival and departure times so you can quickly resolve customer disputes or prevent them altogether. Your drivers will thank you for this, keeping them loyal.

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