Explore how UScellular® can help you deploy new products quickly and scale to the next level with dedicated customer service backed by a nationwide dedicated IoT network.

WHY UScellular?

  • Extensive device engineering knowledge of the IoT ecosystem
  • Easy and quick test plan for the OEM – takes 15 minutes to complete
  • UScellular takes on the majority of the testing
  • Dedicated IoT team walks you through the process

Accelerate your speed to market with a single partner who gives you control. Deploy nationally on a single UScellular SIM and easily manage connectivity in real time.

The Certification Process

Please note: Only non-stocked, non-voice and non-911-related IoT devices can be certified. Handsets, tablets, hot spots or voice centric (watch, wearable, etc.) devices do not qualify for IoT device certification on the UScellular network.
1OEM Onboarding
During onboarding, a UScellular dedicated representative walks you through our certification process. There are three types of certification that UScellular can perform, so depending on your specific circumstance, we will work with you to help determine that path.
2Technical Requirements Review
Work together to define how we expect the device and/or module to behave while on the UScellular network. During testing you’ll receive UScellular SIM cards for completing our validation and verification test plan. The test plan also details our lab testing criteria.
3UScellular Lab Testing
UScellular asks that the devices or modules for certification be sent to our testing lab where dedicated device engineers complete the remainder of the validation and verification testing.
4Issue Resolution and Re-Test
UScellular reaches out to the OEM should any testing issues be encountered.
5Technical Acceptance (TA)
Once our device engineers complete testing, we issue a TA certification declaring that the device or module is ready for use on the UScellular network. 
Please note: IoT Device certification is only meant for the devices that will be non-stocked, non-voice, non-911 related devices. Any kind of handset, tablet, hot spot, or voice centric (watch, wearable, etc.) device will not qualify for an IoT device certification with the UScellular network. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our IoT device certification team.