Smart Farming Solutions

You can positively impact your farm with every smart farming decision.

A leaking silo. A dry field. A security breach. Incidents like these can have an impact on your profits. Smart farming uses Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to help you manage the unexpected. Every improvement — whether it’s reducing grain spoilage, monitoring irrigation or tightening security — can prevent problems and lead to higher yields, increased volume and better quality. All of which can ultimately grow your profits.

Let’s look at key features:

Tank Monitoring

Monitor storage conditions, stability and levels of tank contents like water and fuel. Respond instantly to unexpected changes.

Soil Management

Measure moisture levels and make adjustments for the higher yields that come from precision agriculture.

Weather Stations

Respond to changing weather conditions with sensors that talk to irrigation, frost control and other devices, triggering automatic responses.

Smart Irrigation

Conserve resources and optimize yields by automating irrigation to respond to remote commands and changing weather.

Greenhouse Monitoring

Maintain optimal atmospheric conditions (including temperature, humidity and lighting) to help optimize yields.

Smart Farm Office

Automate, monitor and optimize office devices like thermostats, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, lighting, and security systems. Maintain business continuity with automatic internet failover.

Asset Tracking

Prevent vandalism and theft with remote monitoring that helps locate equipment, and manage the timely delivery of livestock and crops with vehicle tracking.


Keep your farm safe with video monitoring, remote sensors and custom security measures that restrict access to critical areas.

Training & Support

Get upfront training and ongoing support for hassle-free implementation and operation.

Start or expand your precision farming system

To succeed in farming today, you must do more than manage your business wisely — you need to manage it precisely. Precision agriculture, also known as “smart farming,” gets you there. Combine IoT technology solutions like the ones below to collect and connect data that delivers actionable insights in real time. You’ll be able to quickly and precisely adjust how you monitor and care for crops and livestock, to achieve higher efficiency and produce better-quality products.

Smart farming solutions can bring higher yields, greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Invest in Smart Farming Solutions Now

Download this infographic to learn more about the bottom-line benefits.

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What UScellular™ 5G will mean for precision agriculture

5G will deliver the capacity and speed to make precision agriculture even more precise. You’ll be able to connect thousands of sensors to collect data on livestock health, soil moisture, nutrient levels and much more. UScellular 5G breaks through barriers so you can monitor things uninterrupted, from inside the barn to outside in your farthest fields.

5G available in parts of IA and WI. UScellular does not guarantee coverage. Coverage may vary and be interrupted or limited. See coverage map for details.

Let’s take a closer look...

Smart Farms Office

Affordable Connectivity

New solutions shouldn’t come with unexpected new costs. Smart farm solutions can keep all your farm-related IoT devices connected without adding additional cellular fees. Get low- or no-cost farm-scale connectivity almost anywhere, without sacrificing the high quality of service you expect.

Ask how you can connect smart farm solutions in a 10-mile radius without increased cellular expense!

Smart Farms Mobile Access

Remote Access to Control Panels

Fields, offices, tanks, greenhouses … your work happens in all corners of your farm campus and at all hours. Smart farming keeps you on top of everything with control panels that you can access from laptops, desktops or mobile devices. You’ll be able to view and control all systems, set and receive alerts, and make changes remotely to make sure you’re maximizing your efficiency and increasing your yield.

The average farm is expected to generate an average of 4.1 million data points per day in 2050.*

*Gralla, Preston. “Precision agriculture yields higher profits, lower risks.” Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 2018.

Soil Management

When your crops aren’t thriving as expected, you immediately begin to problem-solve. But you’re limited by what you can physically see or by the data you manually collect … unless you unlock the data hiding in your soil. UScellular provides soil management solutions that deliver data on moisture, mineral and gas content so you can optimize your soil conditions for maximum yield.

Farms with connected technology produce up to 10% greater crop yields.*

*USDA. “Farm Profits and Adoption of Precision Agriculture.” 2016.

Smart Irrigation

Weather. Soil conditions. Time of day. You need to monitor all of these factors to make decisions about when to water your crops and how much. Our smart irrigation solutions give you precision control, and deliver the insight you need to make decisions on the fly from your smart device. Reduce runoff, improve crop yields and conserve resources — while you save time and energy.

70% of the world’s water is used for agriculture. Smart irrigation reduces water waste.*

*Khokhar, Tariq. “Globally, 70% of Freshwater is Used for Agriculture.” World Bank Blogs, 2017.

Precision Agriculture in the 5G Landscape

UScellularTM offers data plans designed to deliver what your business needs at prices you deserve. We also offer a range of devices and accessories so you can choose the perfect combination of affordability and capability to match your goals.

At a glance:

Wireless Tank Monitoring: The Top 3 Benefits

Download our infographic to learn how keeping tabs on tanks that store liquid, gas, grains or other materials pays off in three big ways.

A deeper dive:

Stability, Productibity & Savings: The Smart Farming Advantage

Stability, Productivity & Savings: The Smart Farming Advantage

Download this article and take a closer look at how round-the-clock insights into your assets can benefit your farm.

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Smart farming boosts productivity.
Farming has changed a lot with the introduction of smart technology. Using Smartphone technology has really brought our productivity levels up.
— IT Supervisor, Sharpe Holdings

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