Communicate instantly with your mobile workers.

Push-to-Talk is an instant, cost-effective and secure solution to get messages to and from the field. It can provide direct communication capabilities with your entire team in one click on your existing smartphones (no need to purchase new phones). The UScellular™ Push-to-Talk solution is designed to help businesses communicate even better.

Real-time Communication

Talk to one person or your entire team with one click, instantly.


Message securely with powerful data encryption and dedicated servers.

Easy Integration

Features are compatible with most smartphones — just push and talk with your existing smartphones.

Training & Support

Get Push-to-Talk training and ongoing support for hassle-free implementation and operation.

Let’s take a closer look…

Make communication easier

Contact your entire team with one click, instantly. Push-to-Talk also lets you create custom channels: groups you create that, when signed in, allow the user to Push-to-Talk with everyone, from anywhere — just like a walkie-talkie, but at much farther distances. That means you can directly communicate with only the staff you need to include. You can also navigate your phone while using Push-to-Talk, so you can simultaneously send a document or a chat message.

Safeguard confidential data

With Push-to-Talk, you can be confident that you can message securely because your communications are protected by powerful data encryption and sent through dedicated servers that limit exposure of your information to outside parties.

Get started easily

A Push-to-Talk solution is simple to implement. There is no need to buy a new device, as Push-to-Talk can work with the smartphones you already have.

Communicate Efficiently: Reach Your Employees Instantly with Push-to-Talk

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Ready to get up and running with Push‑to‑Talk?

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