Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Mobile Forms for Home Healthcare and Field Services Providers

Have you ever misplaced an important document or lost it in a flood? Perhaps you had to provide a quote in the field—how’s your math? Did your client sign a work order that you had to return to your workplace to enter into the system? And could you (or your colleagues) decipher your handwriting when you did? Are you complying with HIPPA privacy rules when you carry patient notes and other medical documents in your vehicle where they could be compromised?

Reducing the logistical challenges of paperwork and securing your documents doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Digital mobile forms are easily implemented on the smart devices your home healthcare and field services workers are probably already using. 

Simplify Processes By Eliminating Paper

With mobile forms, field technicians can collect data securely while on the job site or with a customer without the need for paper—so you don’t have to enter information into systems later on, saving you time and frustration. Mobile forms are also easily customizable to suit your organization’s needs, letting you quickly create your own work orders, reports, invoices or quotes. And with e-signature capability, customers can digitally sign off on needed approvals and transactions in the field, so processes are streamlined, and work gets done faster.

Minimize Errors and Improve Convenience

Mobile forms eliminate the need to interpret handwriting. Math guesswork is reduced by automatically calculating estimates, taxes and totals using in-form calculations. And with important data collected on the job, you won’t worry about lost documents. Mobile forms integrate with many office applications, so you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Going Paperless Pays Off

Most organizations agree: Paper is no longer the answer, and solutions like mobile forms are paying off quickly, making them a perfect alternative to paper.

  • Money spent on printers, ink, toner and postage significantly decrease with mobile form use. That’s why companies save an average $80 per employee when they switch to a paperless system.1
  • 84% of organizations that implemented a paperless solution achieved ROI in less than 18 months.2
  • Eliminating paper forms can benefit the environment, considering that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year (at a cost of $120 per worker according to Office Depot).3

Increased Operational Efficiency

In essence, electronic form systems provide the ability to complete documentation on a mobile device. This kind of system can benefit both employees and managers by streamlining operations and helping establish additional business efficiencies.

Time-saving benefits:

  • Easier charting that allows inclusion of photos, annotations and signatures
  • Hands-free reporting using voice-to-text
  • One-click report submission
  • Elimination of reliance on an active network connection — forms are stored and sent automatically when Wi-Fi or cellular data is available
  • Reduced overall time spent on paperwork

Management time- and money-saving benefits:

  • Faster reimbursement
  • Easy integration with leading accounting software for easy payroll
  • Instant alerts when reports are filed
  • Decreased paper costs
  • Decreased mileage costs 

Mobile Forms for Better Home Patient Care

The 21st Century Cures Act requires providers to implement a mobile forms solution in support of electronic visit verification (EVV) in order to collect crucial data points during each home visit. As a result, home healthcare professionals use a tablet or device that allows quick and accurate recording of vital data points, including:

  • Date, location and type of service
  • Name of individuals receiving and providing care
  • Time visit begins and ends  

Reduced operating expenses

Because of the need to ensure that service has been performed where and when it was expected, EVV mobile solutions use GPS tracking and dispatching capabilities to:

  • Avoid overpaying for mileage reimbursements
  • Ensure caregivers are at patient locations
  • Automate mileage reports to eliminate costly manual reporting 

Improved patient care

Workers can complete “paperwork” on their tablet instantly after every visit, and management receives an alert for receipt of every report. This streamlined process can eliminate potential lags in response time when important changes in health status are noted, so that care can be delivered quickly. And because workers aren’t focused on processes and paperwork, they are better able to focus on patient care.

Additionally, mobile forms support HIPAA compliance and provide privacy and security for patient data. Entry into apps is password restricted, data is encrypted during transfer, and data and forms are hosted on a secure server with intrusion detection and protection. Mobile solutions also alert you when a visit has been missed, so they can be rescheduled immediately.

Finding the Right Mobile Form Solution

Look for a solution that streamlines your workflow. Ask for a demo so you can see how easy implementation might be, and confirm you will get the training and support you need.

Leading vendors provide a web dashboard in which businesses can quickly build or customize forms for each type of job. From this dashboard, organizations can also view and manage (from anywhere) the data collected. Typically, forms might include job estimates and pricing, embedded multimedia to share with customers in the field and private customer information.

The UScellular® Difference

We bring automation and simplification to home field service, home healthcare and other businesses like yours. UScellular helps you keep track of all your invoices, work orders, surveys, timesheets and secure data. Eliminate paperwork and increase accuracy to speed up processing time, saving you effort while reducing expenses on printing and back-office work. It’s an affordable, effective option for even the smallest businesses.

Ready to reduce unwanted clutter? Turn to UScellular for mobile forms solutions, all powered by a fast and reliable, nationwide network that works in the city and well beyond. Your local business solutions expert is ready to show you how to go paperless today. Call 1-866-616-5587 or visit Contact Us to learn more.

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