Mission-Critical Continuity to Ensure You’re Always Connected

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Communities depend on first responders to keep them safe. And first responders depend on critical connectivity—especially in emergencies—to better serve their communities.

Dependence on communications means finding the best cellular partner to deliver:

  • Coverage: Reliable, fast and unlimited communications
  • Continuity: Undisrupted communications during congestion or outages
  • Critical Equipment: Ruggedized equipment that performs in any environment

In this first in a series about Critical Connectivity, we discuss Continuity

Undisrupted Communications No Matter What

When Public Safety teams respond to hurricanes, floods, wildfires or other natural disasters, the demand for continuity intensifies. They must focus on the danger unfolding and not whether or not their network is operating. It just has to work.

Your cellular carrier can prepare public safety teams for disaster relief operations through a number of continuity solutions. Whether choosing a new communications partner or reevaluating your current provider, look for capabilities designed to improve your operations, reliably sustain connectivity, and support and expand your response activities. These include:

Nationally based operations with 24/7 surveillance — operations and maintenance of the cellular network infrastructure including restoring connectivity, and monitoring network status and cell sites.

Proactive measures — national tower inspection and repair maintenance in alignment with industry standards to identify and prepare for potential issues.

Network redundancy — network coverage in case of a loss of up to two cell site locations.

Disaster recovery response — a comprehensive national disaster recovery program that covers:

  • early storm warning monitoring/communication plan
  • pre-staging network response resources prior to onset of threat
  • management of network restoral efforts
  • real-time network performance monitoring
  • post-event recovery procedures

Deployable assets to strengthen connectivity — fleet or portable generators such as a Cell on Light Trucks (COLTs) deployed to a cell site to supply temporary coverage until commercial power is restored and on-site humanitarian assistance where needed. 

For Every Emergency in Front of You, UScellularTM is Behind You

Learn More about UScellular Disaster Response and Emergency Support 

UScellular focuses on your community’s success by offering you prioritized continuity through an unequaled combination of:

  • network reliability with redundant routing and 5G enhancements
  • proactive disaster response with 24/7 emergency support and recovery vehicles
  • data and voice priority and preemption
  • secure private networks to protect your assets
  • dedicated local teams to better serve you

We keep you connected during times of network congestion from crowded events, natural disasters and other emergencies. And we have the deployable assets already local to your community to ensure continuity for your public safety operations. Your communication always goes first, no matter what, so you never miss an important call or message while in the field.

Discover how your law enforcement, fire or EMS teams can benefit from Critical Connectivity and Continuity, and how we’ve assisted other municipalities just like yours. Contact your local Public Safety Solutions Expert at 866-616-5587 or visit Public Safety.

Critical Connectivity

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