Protect your fleet with video telematics

With integrated multi-camera video telematics and dashcam technology, you can help protect your fleet by capturing events that happen around your vehicles, track them in near-real-time, and use data to develop better operating habits for your drivers.

Video Telematics Benefits

Capture what matters so you can see things from the driver's point of view.

Enhanced visibility to see what’s happening all around the vehicle.

Increased safety with more data points that can improve driver behavior.

Advanced telematics helps to protect your fleet.

Video telematics supported by multi-channel dashcams is the most complete way to help keep your fleet safe with video. From tamper-resistant covers to built-in G-shock and gyro sensors, these dashcams use the most advanced recording technology to capture and store everything you need to protect your fleet. These features can deliver:

  • Instant notification on your fleet dashboard in case of an incident.
  • Risk reduction with driver-facing and 360-degree angles.
  • LTE-enabled, quick response times in case of an incident.

Capture multiple angles with multi-channel dashcams.

With a near-real-time look at what’s happening with your fleet, you can get a detailed view of what’s happening with your vehicles. That means driver patterns, trip events, road conditions, and circumstances before, during, and after an incident. Video telematics enhances your fleet visibility with:

  • Dual-record mode giving a live-action look at vehicles, whether continuous or event-triggered.
  • Advanced driver analysis and reporting that help protect your business and your drivers.
  • Wide-angle, weatherproof, dome, side-view, and more camera options.
  • A tamper-resistant design that makes sure your dashcams stay in place.

Better visibility improves driver behavior.

Not only do dashcams give you peace of mind on what’s going on with your fleet in the present, but they provide an opportunity to improve driver behavior in the future. And in case of an incident, you can have your drivers’ backs by efficiently searching for the evidence of what occurred.

  • Get access to advanced driver analytics and reporting from the road.
  • Identify opportunities to improve driver training.
  • Give more support for safety compliance throughout your entire fleet.
  • Gain 24/7 visibility into an event, no matter when it is or where your drivers are.
Insurance brokers have seen accident claim disputes drop by 38% using dashcams, according to a customer survey.

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