Vehicle Diagnostics Technology Improves Fleet Maintenance & Controls Costs

Vehicle diagnostics give visibility into fleet vehicles. This near-real-time monitoring enables you to remotely view current vehicle health data and plan preventative maintenance to extend vehicle lifespan.

Vehicle Diagnostics Benefits

Increased visibility

with remote access to diagnostics

Better insights

with access to vehicle health reports

Extended vehicle lifespan

with proactive maintenance
Gain total control of your fleet

Gain total control of your fleet

Imagine being able to see current battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and diagnostic trouble codes moments after they appear, for each and every one of your fleet vehicles. That means business operators gain total control over their planning and maintenance, which ultimately helps their bottom lines. That’s a game changer for fleet management.

  • Always-on engine monitoring
  • Location and time variance alerts
  • Driver behavior monitoring and alerts
Stay ahead of the curve with vehicle diagnostics

Stay ahead of the curve with vehicle diagnostics

The same information used by professional mechanics to identify why a check engine light is on is now available to you through near-real-time monitoring with our vehicle diagnostics solution, so you can minimize vehicle downtime and en-route disruptions. You can also create your own maintenance schedule or base it on the owner’s manual recommendations.

  • Early scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Notifications and alerts in near-real-time
  • Engine diagnostics with fault code action plans
  • Less unplanned maintenance
Save on costs and improve efficiency

Save on costs and improve efficiency

The vehicle diagnostic codes received are used to determine the health of various systems (ABS, airbags, etc.) throughout the entire vehicle. In addition to the engine codes themselves, the system reports on a variety of indicators and parameters related to the codes so you can stay on top of preventative maintenance and see measurable cost savings.

  • Fewer unplanned and costly repairs
  • More accurate parts ordering
  • Increased fleet uptime with fewer breakdowns
  • Ability to identify problems before they become expensive
  • Extended vehicle lifespan
Addressing 35% of maintenance predictions could save up to $490 per truck per year.*
* Fisher, Josh. “Preventive maintenance can keep those rising costs down.” Fleet Owner, 2018.

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