Temperature monitoring helps your cargo stay cool on the road

Temperature monitoring technology helps give you the peace of mind that your cold storage products will arrive at their destination without harm. It provides you with on-demand temperature reports, helps save money by eliminating cargo spoilages, and provides remote temperature monitoring to reduce unnecessary stops.

Route Optimization Benefits

Up to 3 Temperature Zones per Truck

Supports FSMA Compliance

On-demand Temperature Reports

Get on-demand temperature reports

Our temperature monitoring system delivers convenient, near-real-time temperature data right to your desktop or mobile device. You’ll know when trailer temperatures drop below, or rise above, your predetermined points so you can take action the moment your cargo is compromised. Our compact and easy-to-use temperature probes are designed to better support your FSMA compliance. Plus, you can monitor up to three different temperature zones per trailer, with the ability to customize your reports, as well as the dashboard view, per user.

About 1/3 of food produced gets wasted or lost every year. Maintaining the proper temperature measurably reduces food waste.1

1. FAO. “The State of Food and Agriculture 2019: Moving forward on food loss and waste reduction.” 2019. http://www.fao.org/family-farming/detail/en/c/1245425

Stay in control of your perishable cargo

Travel conditions and shipping rules demand more now than ever from the food transportation industry. That’s why installing a near-real-time remote monitoring, temperature-sensing system is now fundamental to everyday operations. Temperature monitoring also gives you the crucial ability to keep a record of the temperature, in case the perishable goods being transported don’t arrive as expected, so everyone has visibility.

Improper temperature affects bacterial growth (the main cause of foodborne illnesses). According to the CDC, about 1 in 6 Americans get ill from contaminated food or beverages every year.2

2. CDC. “CDC and Food Safety.” 2020. https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/cdc-and-food-safety.html

Reduce driver labor

By using remote temperature monitoring, drivers no longer have to pull over and enter the cargo hold to check the temperature. This reduces driver labor and unnecessary stops, and it helps you get more mileage covered while being confident your refrigerated cargo is safe.

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