Route Optimization Keeps Fleets Running on Time

Route optimization utilizes GPS tracking systems to constantly monitor variables on the road like heavy traffic and road conditions to make your fleet more efficient. This leads to better fuel economy, more efficient trips, and better communications with every customer.

Route Optimization Benefits

Increase fleet productivity

by rerouting vehicles around accidents and traffic.

Improve customer service

with more accurate service windows and communications.

Reduce operating costs

by optimizing fuel consumption and cutting idle time.

Better Routes in Real Time

Route optimization technology is less about the destination, and more about how your fleet will get there. Using GPS tracking systems, fleets gain near-real-time visibility into what’s happening around them and automatically readjust their routes to avoid delays. Over time, better efficiency on the road will lead to more efficiency at the bottom line.

Route optimization helps you:

  • Reroute fleets according to traffic, weather and accidents with GPS tracking and vehicle tracking systems
  • Provide more accurate appointment windows for customers
  • Reduce idle time to fit more customer visits into every trip

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Route optimization doesn’t just lead to happier customers, but healthier budget sheets, too. By utilizing GPS tracking systems, companies can reduce idle vehicle time, as well as gain efficiencies in fuel consumption due to fewer hours spent sitting in traffic.

GPS tracking lets fleets:

  • Service the closest customer in need
  • Reduce idle time for vehicles on the road
  • Slash fuel consumption with more efficient routes

Faster Service. Happier Customers.

Everyone expects appointments to happen on time, but something can always get in the way. That’s why tracking vehicles on the road and optimizing their routes helps customers as much as companies. It leads to fewer delays on the road, more accurate appointment windows, and happier customers receiving timely updates and service.

Route optimization gives you:

  • More accurate information to answer customer inquiries
  • Smaller appointment windows for customers and more on-time arrivals

87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020 — up from 81% in 2019.

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Congestion and traffic bottlenecks account for 1.2 billion hours of lost productivity annually, or the equivalent of 425,000 drivers sitting idle for a full working year.
— American Transportation Research Institute.

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