Ease the burden on your drivers with electronic logging devices for your fleet.

It’s crucial to keep your fleet delivering on time, and it’s imperative that drivers stay safe while doing so. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) for fleet management provide enhanced visibility into where and how your vehicles are driving on the road. They don't just remind drivers how long they’ve been active on their route, but also ease the burden of reporting so they can focus on getting to destinations as safely as possible.

Electronic logging devices deliver real benefits, such as:

Improved Safety

by helping your drivers focus on their work instead of paperwork.

Maximized Efficiency

through instant and accurate electronic logs.

Greater Visibility

into what your vehicles are doing at all times.

Focus on the driving, not the paperwork.

By installing an electronic logging device in your vehicles, your fleet can input hours of service instantly and accurately. This gives you visibility into how many hours your drivers have worked and helps them develop consistent habits for when to take breaks.

Ease the burden of reporting.

Electronic logging devices can assist your fleet drivers by automatically recording hours of service, distance traveled, break times and fuel stops. This doesn’t just take the pressure of accurate reporting off their hands, but also helps ease the burden of compliance on your organization.

Fleet management made easy.

Elog solutions for fleet management provide access to a powerful suite of software that streamlines the tracking of day-to-day driving operations. It puts all of your fleet data in one place, so you can help your drivers stay as safe as possible.

End-to-end installation. Guaranteed support.

Installing and maintaining an ELD solution for fleet management should never be an overwhelming process. Your business will get guaranteed, end-to-end assistance with UScellular™ Installation and Support Services. And, if you ever need assistance, our Business Solutions Experts are there to provide elog training materials before your installation, professional support during it and ongoing assistance long after.

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