Fleet Management Technology Helps Keep Your Drivers Safe

Focus on keeping your drivers safe with fleet management technology. By following driver behavior through vehicle GPS tracking, multi-channel dash cameras and near-real-time alerts, you can improve driver safety, leading to a safer, more efficient fleet on the road.

Fleet management solutions give you the ability to:

Monitor with ease

with GPS vehicle tracking and multi-channel dash cameras.

Keep your drivers safe

with near-real-time alerts for distracted driving and harsh driving events.

Cut fleet costs

by reducing risk of accidents and fines.

Help your drivers improve their driving.

Managing a fleet means more than just keeping your drivers safe; it’s having the power to make things work better. Fleet managers receive near-real-time alerts for harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and distracted driving such as phone use and vehicle idling, giving them the opportunity to work with their drivers to build a safer, more efficient fleet.

  • Get near-real-time vehicle alerts sent through email, text or dashboard, including harsh braking, speeding, and distracted driving alerts
  • Detect and deter unsafe driving behaviors
  • Access comprehensive analytics that help identify and reward good driving behavior

Better drivers. Safer fleet.

Just knowing that unsafe driving happens in your fleet gives you the opportunity to make it better. Fleet management provides cumulative analytics of braking, accelerating, distracted driving, and other data points, so that organizations can work with their drivers to improve scorecards and raise fleet safety.

  • Track cumulative driving stats that contribute to driver scorecards
  • Get alerts when drivers take calls or unlock their phones
  • See the miles drivers spend speeding, average time on the phone, and other distracted driving behaviors

Safe driving can pay off.

Increase productivity. Reduce fuel costs. Protect drivers and equipment. Improving driver safety means a lot more than just being careful on the road. It means businesses can truly save on costs, like getting better fuel efficiency from optimized routes and alerts when your vehicles are idling.

  • Reduce risk of accidents & fines on the road
  • Access holistic driver analytics to optimize routes, fuel use, and vehicle idle time
  • Get up-to-date vehicle maintenance alerts
  • Receive a text, email or notification if your vehicles are experiencing idle time

Put eyes on the road with multi-channel dashboard cameras.

If one of your vehicles is involved in an incident, it can be difficult to know what occurred. But with multi-channel dashboard cameras, vehicles can be equipped with a series of devices designed to detect significant events on the road. Using video telematics ultimately helps drivers and their vehicles stay better prepared, as well as providing businesses with context around everything that might occur.

  • Receive event-triggered alerts via text or email
  • Capture the events before, during and after an accident
  • Get a detailed look at driver behavior and road conditions
  • Integrate dash cameras with other fleet management solutions

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Driver safety is high priority for businesses that operate a fleet. Now more than ever, fleet managers need to utilize every tool available to increase driver safety.

Companies that implement a fleet management solution can see a 38% increase in miles between harsh driving alerts within two months.
— Field Technologies Online, 2020.

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