Why Failover Internet Should Be a Key Component of Your Business Strategy

No business wants to lose sales because of an internet outage. In fact, most agree that an outage would be detrimental to their business,1 so many are looking to wireless failover to help prevent these disruptions.

What is Failover?

Wireless failover is a backup connection that can seamlessly and automatically reconnect internet in the event of an outage or slowdown from the primary internet source. It’s a proactive approach to maintain internet connectivity and ensure business continuity virtually anywhere you’re located, from the city to the countryside. Benefits include:

  1. Reduced Downtime: Wireless failover provides redundancy to ensure that businesses continue to operate even during an internet outage, reducing the risk of lost productivity and revenue. 

  2. Protected Sales: Businesses rely on internet for in-person credit card transactions, and no business can afford to lose these sales because of a traditional wired internet outage. Failover internet protects your business from outages that wreak havoc to your bottom line by ensuring that you always remain connected in order to process sales.

  3. Decreased Costs: The cost of failover can be negligible compared to lost productivity and revenue. For example: a merchant with a 4-hour outage might lose $2,000 per hour versus a failover program priced from as low as $10/month and capped at $90 per month. Look for vendors who offer such price protection from overages.

  4. Customer Satisfaction: Customers expect businesses to be available 24/7, and any interruption in service can damage customer satisfaction. With failover internet, businesses can ensure that their services remain available, even during an internet outage, which can improve customer satisfaction.

  5. Peace of Mind: Investing in failover internet can provide businesses with peace of mind, knowing that they have a backup plan in case of an internet outage.

How Failover Keeps Businesses Running

Business owners rely on internet for everything from processing payments to communicating with customers. Any interruption can be costly. Here are some use cases for small business owners to consider when adopting failover:

  • Point of Sale / Kiosk Connectivity
    Go wherever business opportunities take you and deliver the services your customers count on. Encrypted secure connectivity protects transaction data and helps you achieve PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. Automatic failover internet service can ensure your revenue stream stays constant, while 9 out of 10 of your competitors may struggle without a backup connection.2

  • ATM Connectivity 
    Your customers want access to ATMs even in rural areas, where landline connections might not be an option. Deliver on expectations with signal boosting hardware, designed to serve the highly secure, low-data needs of an ATM. Data security features and remote troubleshooting provide extra peace of mind.

  • Vending Connectivity 
    It’s all about maximizing your revenue stream when it comes to cashless payments. Count on your cellular partner to provide secure, reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity that won’t fail during an outage. Keep tabs on maintenance, inventory, loyalty programs and more.

  • Digital Signage Connectivity 
    Your message matters to your customers — if it’s timely, targeted and engaging. Digital signage connectivity can help you deliver the digital content your customers crave—even during an outage. Whether it’s promotions and ads, social media feeds or weather information, the network powers the digital messaging you create.


UScellular understands the pain of crazy-high overage fees and has put an end to them with a new risk-free failover internet plan that caps overages so businesses aren’t surprised by exorbitant bills. 

For $10/month, businesses get 1 GB of failover internet service. If more data is needed during a billing cycle, businesses pay $6/GB with the option to automatically switch at 14GB to Unlimited Failover for no more than $90/mo. And when that higher bill cycle ends, the plan automatically reverts to the low monthly rate. 

The UScellular failover internet plan runs on a fast, reliable internet over a 5G wireless network to keep businesses connected no matter where they operate—even in the most rural areas.

Get started today and stop losing sales from outages. Visit UScellular online or give us a call at 866-616-5587 to learn more. 

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