Setting Up Your K-12 Infrastructure for Hybrid Learning

Remote learning may have started as a necessity, but hybrid digital learning is promising to be an indispensable tool for the future.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, remote learning was essential to continue educating students. Now, it has evolved from more than just a digital version of routine classroom work into an effective way to collaborate with specially designed applications that present immersive new learning experiences. 

Technology is creating exciting opportunities to help K-12 students succeed and providing libraries with better ways to serve their patrons. 

Models for Distance Learning

Schools have successfully been integrating digital learning tools into the classrooms. When creating a model for your school system, consider these distance learning approaches:

  • In-person (no tech): Everything from lessons and discussions to homework is in-person or in the traditional way. 
  • Homework only: Lessons and everything contributing to the curriculum is designed for offline except homework, which uses digital tools.
  • Synchronous: A good mix of teaching and practice on computers as well as in person. A well-integrated system provides clear instructions for student exploration.
  • Asynchronous: An approach that helps when some students are remote. Opportunity for students to keep up with schoolwork, thus contributing to less absenteeism. 
  • Remote: The need for fully remote learning has significantly decreased . However, remote learning has helped students be more independent with their content. 

Once you choose the type of distance learning that best suits your school, it is time to also consider ways to curtail fatigue by dedicating the right amount of time to digital learning (extended hours of video lessons could be counterproductive).

Reduce complexity for users by paying attention to the age group and tailor lessons accordingly. Safe collaboration is key. Ensure the system is secure and follows necessary Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) filtering requirements and other regulations to keep the connected system safe for the students and staff to use.

Are you doing everything you can to provide your students with adequate options for hybrid learning? Download this checklist to uncover any potential gaps in your hybrid learning ecosystem.

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Why Embrace Hybrid Learning

The digital evolution of education is opening opportunities to students. Many schools already set up with the tools to continue digitally are helping prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow by starting digitization early. Students, particularly in higher age groups, benefit from safe access to information available to complete their schoolwork, allowing them to be productive and efficient. High schools across the country are experimenting with integrating AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) in their curriculum giving students a jumpstart on tech-forward education. 

The most fundamental requirement that helps with hybrid learning is to have the right collaboration tools (from basic video conferencing to cloud-based solutions) coupled with connectivity. Realtime video usage and collaboration among a classroom full of students (multiplied by many classes) requires reliable internet of high bandwidth and reduced latency. We’re working to provide the best access to our customers with our continued investments in 5G and by helping schools build their own private cellular networks. 

The benefits of fleet management tracking go beyond just money saved on repairs. Well-maintained machines are safer for operators, and added safety can result in more satisfied employees and increased work performance.

In an increasingly challenging market, higher retention becomes even more important for your company. Finding ways to satisfy your employees can be key to meeting the demands of your customers.

Hybrid Education and UScellular®

Various collaborative tools backed by UScellular’s reliable and secure 5G network are transforming the learning experience for students. UScellular is your partner in implementing hybrid/distance learning solutions. To learn more about UScellular Hybrid Education Solutions, contact us.

Your Hybrid Learning Checklist

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Are you doing everything you can to provide your students with adequate options for hybrid learning? Download this checklist to uncover any potential gaps in your hybrid learning ecosystem.