Is it Time to Make POTS Replacement a Priority?

True or false? The FCC has mandated the sunset of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines that connect critical systems like fire and alarm panels, so IT leaders must replace their lines immediately. 

Not quite, but it’s risky to underestimate the substantial cost increases many businesses will face if they wait too long.

Why Should Businesses Ditch their POTS Lines?

The growth of wireless and VoIP lines has reduced demand for POTS, resulting in a dramatic increase in the cost to maintain last-century equipment. In fact, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced deregulation of all POTS lines, allowing carriers to abandon their POTS infrastructure, and strongly recommends businesses begin adopting next-generation wireless technology.

Compare your POTS bill now to a year ago and you may notice rate increases that are expected to continue to rise at a rapid pace.1 Some enterprises have already seen rates on a single line increase to more than $1,000, and several reported new lines costing as high as $1,300 per line.2

More reasons to pan the POTS lines:

  1. Service and repair: Workforce and supply shortages increase service times and costs, with service issues often going unresolved.
  2. Dependability: Providers want to end their POTS services due to the cost to maintain and fix landlines, and sometimes delay fixing landlines due to heavy expense.
  3. Lines Discontinued: Many providers have already sent out notices alerting customers that their POTS lines will be discontinued in the near future. For example, in March, 2022, AT&T announced an accelerated plan to reduce its copper footprint by 50% by 2025 that will impact millions of locations.3

But are we in a panic? Not yet. You still have options and there’s time to consider them, so long as you’re aware of and comfortable with the increasing prices you’re paying to keep POTS. Virtually every application that requires a copper hardline can now be replaced with one device for a fixed monthly cost that can create savings of at least 30%-50%.

Why Switch to a Wireless Connection?

  • Cost savings and ease of use: Communication data is sent over an IP network instead of telephone lines, which means you can use your existing business internet to also power existing technologies at little to no extra cost. 
  • Escape physical limitations: Wireless, mobile service follows you wherever you go, providing businesses connection through your cell phone and eliminating the physical limitations of a landline.
  • Business continuity: Failover internet provides continuity by connecting cellular service if the primary internet fails. 
  • Business phone line aggregation: Large companies with multiple locations and hundreds of lines can consolidate billing. 
  • IoT integration: A wireless connection uses existing IoT solutions to increase productivity, such as transcribing voicemails sent to employee inboxes.
  • Web-based portal: Get easy access to reports and notifications of real-time status for each line, enabling more proactive control than ever before.

The UScellular® Wireless POTS Replacement Solution

We help facilities management and IT teams modernize traditional POTS line systems to 4G/5G wireless service and manage them with greater efficiency and control. 

The UScellular solution offers you:

  • Lower costs: 30%-50% savings with more reliable wireless service versus traditional POTS
  • Local expertise and support: Ongoing support from local teams specializing in your business 
  • Reliable connections: Fast reliable network with 5G built for business
  • Flexible options: Range of enterprise-grade wireless routers that can also be used for backup, monitoring and more
  • Control with insights: Easy-to-use portal with actionable reports and notifications of real-time status
  • Design and installation: Solutions tailored to your requirements, plus professional installations  

Make POTS your priority in 2022. To learn more about the UScellular POTS Replacement Solution, contact your local representative at 866-616-5587 or visit POTS Replacement

UScellular POTS Replacement Solution

Learn more about the UScellular POTS Replacement Solution.

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