4 Ways Technology Can Help Protect Lone Healthcare Workers

An aging population and potential cost savings have driven healthcare services to move from the hospital to the home. Unfortunately, lone workers—those who perform tasks in the field without close or direct supervision—face double the national rate of physical violence1 in the workplace, often because they are alone to protect themselves against violent patients or their families.

Using Technology to Protect Lone Staff 

Proactive lone worker safety measures are essential, but they don’t have to break the bank or be a challenge to implement for your organization.

Each of these strategies can contribute to a safer working environment, helping lone healthcare workers carry out vital roles with greater confidence and security.

  • GPS and Geofencing technologies: Gain visibility through real-time location monitoring. GPS tracking devices can be useful, especially in remote areas, to quickly locate the worker in case of distress or when they are unable to communicate.
  • Duress alarm messaging: Allow lone workers to activate an SOS alarm indicating their duress quickly, easily and discreetly in the event of emergency.
  • Push-to-Talk solutions: Enable rapid communication with the press of a single button— ideal for use in time-critical emergency situations.
  • Effective communication systems: Equip workers with reliable communication devices and a robust network to help ensure that workers stay safe even in the most remote environments. 

Lone healthcare agencies should also develop and implement emergency response protocols that outline steps to handle various scenarios, like dealing with aggressive patients or situations in which the worker feels threatened. These protocols should also include instructions for immediate assistance and support, and the methods to call for assistance.

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