3 Cellular Services to Keep First Responders Connected in an Emergency

Reliable communication can make all the difference in critical situations. First responders must work confidently, knowing that their calls and data are prioritized. That’s why they rely on priority services to ensure uninterrupted communications particularly when handling critical situations. 

1. What is Data Preemption?

During high-traffic public events or an emergency, preemption opens channels exclusively to emergency personnel, allowing them to coordinate their efforts without disruption. 

2. What is Data Priority?

First responders need priority access to network resources during times of high network congestion. Data priority ensures that their 4G and 5G data traffic is given priority over other traffic, so they can get the critical data they need as quickly as possible. This can lead to faster sharing of information and better decision making that may positively impact a crisis situation. 

3. What is Wireless Priority Service?

Some government, public safety and emergency responders may want additional prioritization, above what their carrier can provide. ​Those customers can contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and sign up for Wireless Priority Service (WPS), which offers 5 tiers of calling that are higher than those of most prioritized networks. The DHS determines WPS eligibility ​and assigns tiers to qualifying participants.​ Once customers have been assigned to a tier, ​a wireless provider can apply it to their device.  

Benefits of Priority and Preemption

With priority and preemption, critical calls always get through, ensuring that first responders have the information they need to make crucial decisions, especially while handling emergencies. Prioritized voice calls and data result in,

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Safer working environments
  • Better outcomes

WHY UScellular®

UScellular understands the importance of reliable and effective communication for first responders –especially during emergencies. Our priority services provide enhanced quality of service, priority and data preemption, ensuring that you have a fast and reliable connection when you need it the most.

At UScellular we value your need for undisrupted communications and have made it our mission to reliably prioritize your traffic. Talk to us today on how we can activate Priority Services for your agency for seamless communication no matter the event. Contact your local government account manager at 866-616-5587.