I need to keep my data safe.

Information keeps your business moving forward. So the processes you use to share, access and store information need to be confidential and safe. When data security is your goal, UScellular™ can get you there with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that protect your organization.

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UScellular 5G™ will mean enhanced security features

5G will offer state-of-the-art security protocols like enhanced data encryption and upgraded identity management to protect privacy. And your data can be more secure on its own virtual slice of the 5G network. UScellular 5G™ will break through barriers, to keep you updated whether you’re in the office or on the road.

5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map for details.

Explore solutions that protect your data

Protect against lost or stolen device

Protect against lost or stolen devices

In order for you to be productive, your data has to be accessible wherever your employees go. But you need to make sure information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands if a device is lost or stolen. Mobile device management makes it easy to manage, monitor and secure data across all your devices.

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Establish safer remote access

Establish safer remote access

Static IP addresses make it easier to connect to your mobile workforce, vehicles and devices. But if that address is public, each “ping” leaves you vulnerable to hackers who can grab your IP and disrupt your business. Private static IP services can protect you by making your address invisible to the outside world, and can be implemented quickly.


Share secure documents

Eliminate paper forms

Your mobile workforce need to collect information from customers, and then securely transfer that data to your back office. But paper forms can get lost, and manual data entry can be inaccurate. Create and deploy secure work orders, invoices and more with electronic forms that include calculators and e-signature capabilities to simplify the process and eliminate the paper.


Message with confidence

Message with confidence

Text messaging allows instant communication with clients and employees. But personal messaging leaves your data vulnerable. Our messaging options provide archiving and enterprise-level solutions that keep you HIPAA-compliant. They ensure the confidentiality you need for all your sensitive messages and attachments.

Safeguard Against the Unexpected

Safeguard against the unexpected

Storms. Broadband outages. Hardware issues. They’re all unavoidable at times. But your organization has to keep going no matter what, and sales have to be made on devices that rely on internet access. Automatic failover internet service from UScellular™ give you the power to maintain business continuity by providing a backup network connection.

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Need something else

Need something else?

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