The UScellular™ Network

Coverage that keeps your organization moving forward

Information keeps your business moving forward. So the processes you use to share, access and store information need to be confidential and safe. When data security is your goal, UScellular™ can get you there with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that protect your organization.

Explore the hotspots below to see the many ways — and places — we have you covered.

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Public Safety

Cut through the crowds

First responders rely on UScellular’s network to power high-priority voice and data communications that can keep emergency teams connected — even in large crowds or during crisis events where heavy network traffic is expected.

Fleet Management

Get there on time

Customers expect on-time service. Businesses count on our network to put optimized routes in the hands of drivers, so they can navigate city streets and make appointment times.


Make the whole city your office

You need to stay on the move to get things done. Sending office calls right to your mobile device on our reliable network creates a seamless and secure business environment that goes where you go — from the city to the countryside.


Maximize uptime

When communities depend on you, downtime isn’t an option. Utilities professionals keep operations humming on the UScellular network that can deliver the instant, real-time alerts needed to help ensure efficient, effective operation.

Mobile Device Management

Prioritize privacy

Quality care includes the care of patients’ private data. Home healthcare companies can stay HIPAA-compliant by protecting communication, data and devices on a network that works where patients live.

Mobile Forms

Improve customer service

Customers who need your service expect speed and convenience. The right network can connect solutions that display forms, capture signatures, and process payment to provide better customer service in the neighborhoods where you do business.

Cameras and Sensors

Monitor your workplace from home base

You can’t be there 24/7 to keep all your physical assets safe. But the UScellular network can, delivering information from sensors and cameras right to your fingertips for around-the-clock security.

Devices and Calls

Keep talking as you keep moving

Communication should work as well in the country as it does in the city. That’s why UScellular built a network to deliver quality coverage that can keep you talking in the places you do business.

Smart Farms

Grow your profits

Successful farming doesn’t come from educated guessing. Our network-connected devices add a level of precision and insight that help you save resources and increase yields.

specialized Fleet Management

Protect your most precious assets

Getting home from school safely is a mission too critical for coverage disruption. UScellular can provide the certainty of connectivity that fleet operators trust and expect.

UScellular 5G™ will break through barriers so your business can go further

UScellular 5G™ will go through walls and across miles to help you stay connected where you do business. From the front office to the shop floor, and from the city to the countryside, 5G will help businesses work in ways — and in places — you never could before.

5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map for details.

See what others say about the UScellular network

“I get better reception than some of my peers who use other carriers. They drop calls more frequently, and they don’t have the reception I do in certain places.”

President, Universal Climate Control, Coralville, Iowa

“We have not dropped service since we made the switch, which has been absolutely wonderful. The service has just been phenomenal.”

Superintendent, Pioneer Public Schools, Chickasha, Oklahoma

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