I need to remotely monitor my equipment.

Your business is always changing, and your profitability depends on how quickly you can adapt. When responding to change is your goal, UScellular™ can get you there with Internet of Things (IoT) business solutions that help you control your assets from anywhere.

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UScellular 5G™ will let you see more to control more

Gaining insight starts with gathering data. Lots of data. And 5G will gather more data from more places at incredible speeds. UScellular 5G™ will break through barriers to keep that data flowing uninterrupted. With the capacity to handle thousands of sensors, 5G will unlock information that could change the way you do business.

5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map for details.


Explore solutions that put you in control from anywhere

Optimize routing

Optimize vehicle routing

When drivers call in sick or you get unexpected orders, customer service can’t suffer — you’ve still got to get it all done. Our fleet management solutions can optimize your routes instantly, rearrange stops for efficiency, and locate the vehicle nearest to a required stop so your dispatchers can keep things running no matter what.

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Troubleshoot devices

Troubleshoot mobile devices remotely

The productivity of your mobile workforce depends on the ability to connect via mobile devices. When there’s a technical issue, business can’t come to a stop. Mobile device management makes it easy to troubleshoot and correct glitches from wherever you are. Streamline IT operations by pushing upgrades, apps and software to all your devices at once.

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Eliminate storage tank worries

Eliminate storage tank worries

Monitor storage conditions, stability and level of tank contents like water, fuel and combustibles so you can respond instantly to unexpected changes. Tank monitoring solutions put you in control by monitoring important tanks and providing level alerts to help you avoid downtime and unnecessary deliveries.


Keep water supply flowing

Keep municipal water supplies flowing

Your community counts on getting reliable, safe water and wastewater services every day. To make it happen, you need to keep an eye on operations 24/7. Our utilities monitoring solution uses remote sensors to monitor critical components of your fresh or wastewater systems, sending vital information to your connected devices so you can instantly address issues or failing components before they impact operations.


Prevent Facility Issues

Prevent facility issues

Low temperatures can lead to frozen, cracked pipes. Open windows and unexpected motion can be the result of intruders. Voltage spikes can mean impending equipment failure. Our property management solutions help you prevent downtime and protect your assets with sensors that monitor critical functions, so you can make adjustments before small issues get bigger.


Need something else

Need something else?

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