I need to better manage my people, property and devices.

To manage the individual parts of your business effectively, you’ve got to be able to see the big picture. When insight is your goal, UScellular can get you there with Internet of Things (IoT) business solutions that help you manage it all.

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UScellular 5G™ will break through barriers to keep it all connected

The increased capacity of 5G will enable thousands of connections between people, vehicles and IoT devices. UScellular™ will deliver that 5G service uninterrupted from outdoors to indoors, so you can connect the dots to reveal insights that drive new levels of efficiency and innovation.

5G capable device required to experience 5G. 5G coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map for details.


Explore solutions that help you see the big picture

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

Proactively manage vehicle maintenance

Reactive maintenance can put an unexpected dent in your profits. Preventative maintenance allows you to plan ahead and catch minor issues before they become costly problems. Fleet management solutions help you manage preventative maintenance on every vehicle, alerting you when service is due or a warning light activates so you can protect your bottom line.

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Monitor Data Usage

Monitor data usage across all devices

Your mobile workforce relies on mobile data usage to do their jobs. But if employees exceed their usage limits, it can cost you. Mobile device management makes it easy to manage usage. You can set limits, get alerts delivered to users before they go over them, and even remotely lock a device if necessary. Dashboard control lets you compare usage across users and timeframes.

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Locate Farm Equipment

Locate farm assets

Keeping your farm moving requires strong workflow status and resource planning for asset and equipment deployments. You don’t have time to waste making sure it’s all where you need it to be. Our smart farming solutions make it easy to manage the location of large and small machinery to boost efficiency and prevent theft, and to help make sure your in-transit crops and livestock make it where they’re going on time.

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Prevent Property Damage

Prevent property damage

Lights get left on, undiscovered leaks go unchecked, intruders take assets or enter facilities introducing unseen viruses … managing your physical property to protect against disaster is a 24/7 job. Property management solutions from UScellular use sensor technology to be your round-the-clock eyes, nose and ears, so you can effectively manage everything without being everywhere.


Need something else

Need something else?

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