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Put your emergency response team's data first in line

Sporting events, natural disasters and crisis situations: The one thing they have in common is heavy public cellular traffic, potentially impacting your team’s ability to communicate. U.S. Cellular’s wireless data priority for public safety and critical infrastructure professionals puts your mission-critical 4G LTE™ data ahead of other traffic to keep you connected where and when it matters most, so your team is always ready.

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Let’s look at the key data priority features:

Consistent High Quality of Service

Reliable access to mission-critical data in the U.S. Cellular footprint, even in rural and remote areas, and even during times of peak cellular data usage.

Priority Wireless Data Service for First Responders

Your mobile data gets pushed to the front of the line when networks are crowded with other data.

Preemption Over Non-critical Data

When necessary, lower-priority data can be temporarily reallocated or removed so first response teams stay connected.

Dedicated Virtual Core

Public safety traffic is segregated from commercial traffic for preemption as well as tiered levels of priority depending on your data needs.

U.S. Cellular Network

Backed by our powerful network, built where people work, live and play so you can stay connected virtually anywhere your team is needed.

Training and Support

Unlimited free support by phone or email from U.S. Cellular’s team of Business Solutions Experts.

Public Safety Solutions infographic

Public Safety Solutions: Now with Data Priority for Emergency Response Teams >

In this infographic, learn the basics of data priority, and why it matters during a high-traffic event.

Take Advantage of the Power of Our Network for Your Emergency Response Team

Take Advantage of the Power of Our Network for Your Emergency Response Team >

Download this article to take a closer look at the who, what, when, where and how of data priority for public safety.

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Let’s customize with additional public safety solutions…

Public Safety Private Static IP

Private Static IP Services

Keep your critical public safety communications secure on your own dedicated private core network, with data priority access  and private static IP services that ensure you’re never connected to external networks that can leave your data vulnerable.  These solutions protect against malware, viruses, worms and hackers while providing you with highly resilient internet access from all of your mission-critical devices.

44% of local governments experience cyberattacks at least daily.*
*ICMA. “Cybersecurity 2016 Survey.” 2016.
Public Safety Mobile Office First Responders

Mobile Office for First Responders

In situations where multiple personnel and devices are deployed in one vehicle, a vehicle area network (VAN) can provide Wi-Fi connectivity via one secure, reliable connection, providing mobile office connectivity for utility crews and emergency responders. Highly ruggedized in-vehicle hardware connects computers, defibrillation units, cameras, sensors and Smartphones for seamless data communication — inside and outside of the vehicle — at the scene of almost any response.

VANs enable multiple high-bandwidth applications to work simultaneously for greater efficiency.
Public Safety Rugged Wireless Devices

Rugged Wireless Devices

Emergency response teams face conditions that are tough on standard mobile devices and accessories. Make sure you can stay connected with field-hardened laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, routers and secure video and still-imaging solutions from U.S. Cellular’s best-in-the-industry hardware partners: Panasonic, Sierra, Cradlepoint, Peplink and more.

Organizations can achieve ROI for rugged Tablets and Smartphones after only one year.*
*Mainelli, Tom. “Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices.” 2016.
Public Safety Wireless Priority Service

Wireless Priority Service (WPS)

When wireless calls are just as important as data transmission, WPS queues your mission-critical voice communications first, so you can make calls during high-traffic events when general traffic might otherwise prevent you from getting through. This service can keep utilities, public health and first responders talking in the hours and days following any natural disaster or other emergency.

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Call volume spikes during disasters can knock out mobile service for an entire geographic region.*
*Ungerleider, Neil. “Why Your Phone Doesn’t Work During Disasters – And How To Fix It.” Fast Company, 2013.
Data communication is essential for public safety.
There’s literally nothing you can do without data communication. I’m having trouble explaining the gravity of the situation if we didn’t have it.
— Batallion Chief, Wisconsin

U.S. Cellular partners with the best in public safety network solutions so you can provide your best response.